It’s February again, and that means there’s love in the air and warmth in our hearts as we head towards the 14th, more commonly known around the world as Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re a proud single Pringle or part of a perfect pair, there’s always room for a handy list of gifts to help you pick the best thing to give your bestie on V-day. Thanks to HBO and inspired by the global sensation Game of Thrones, we’ve put a list of some fantastic gifts together to help you find the perfect little something for your special someone. Let’s get cracking!
Is your partner a collector? Are you? Check out the range of cute Funko figurines and keyrings that add an extra dose of adorable to a cast that is usually used to death and drama. You could get a matching pair, or just three Tormunds because he’s the best character, and that’s a recognized fact (alright, a fact recognized by me.)

Think you and your Valentine are the best? Then snag yourselves some mugs that tell that to the world. Designed with the faces of the universally recognized greatest couple of all time, Brienne and Tormund, HBO made some incredible mugs that get the point across very clearly. Janice from HR wouldn’t dare use your mug again; she knows not to mess with a power couple of this magnitude.


Feeling sentimental? Looking for something that just perfectly gets your message across? Whether you’re purchasing for someone special or getting one for yourself, these T-shirts let you wear the emotion you feel. Let your partner know they are your sun and stars, or embrace the fact that you’re the moon of your own life!


Are you kicking it with someone who’s been kissed by fire? There’s no way you can miss out on this gift then! Show your love for the beautiful gingers, and let your partner know how gorgeous they are! Or just let the legend of Tormund and his fiery hair grace your chest. (Available in men’s and women’s sizes.)
Do you live in the northern climates? Feeling a bit chilly this Valentine’s Day? Keep your heart burning hot (and yourself warm until spring) with this fantastic range of hoodies. Or give the gift of a fabric hug to the person you care most about so they don’t freeze in this insane February weather!



Glassware is a classy and thoughtful gift on Valentine’s Day. It says “I love you, and I love to drink with you.” So why not go for something like these? With the classic line from Tyrion Lannister designed onto their sides, you and your love can have a classy drink and a chuckle together. These are also just as fabulous for drinking with on your own, enjoy that glass of wine — you deserve it!Game of Thrones Colouring Book
Fancy yourself a bit of an artist? Is your special someone a pro with coloured pencils? Give the gift of relaxation this Valentine’s Day with this Game of Thrones colouring book, filled with serene scenes from the series like the Red Wedding, or the Battle of the Wall or… wait…
If you’re feeling super special and want to throw down a bit of extra cash, set your sights on a few of the beautiful replica props available on the store, or some limited edition exclusive tankards and pens. Drink to the glory of the Seven Kingdoms or guard the eggs for the Mother of Dragons. These are the perfect gifts for the big fans, the Dany appreciators, and the collectors of your heart.


And finally, if the arrival of this special day brings an unexpected spat with the love of your life, then get your hands on a pair of these and never go to bed angry again! Make yourselves a cup of tea in these glorious mugs and end the day with a truce — even if you’re definitely right and secretly sending your army to slaughter their allies…

Happy shopping, nerds!

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