Top 10 Villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Anime Series

Over the course of the four parts of the amazing JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime series, there have been more than a fair share of spine-chilling evil villains, both minor and major in scale. With so many to choose from, how could I possibly land on just a handful? Using my secret Stand, White Wedding, the task was fairly simple. From immortal vampires to menacing super freaks, here are the ten best villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (the anime, of course).

10) Anjuro “Angelo” Katagiri

Angelo is simply the creepiest and most disturbing minor villain in all of JoJo’s anime. At the incredibly young age of 12, he was convicted for robbery and rape, and after serving 30 years in prison, Angelo would go on to murder three young boys and mutilate their corpses. He also bit the face off a dog. He’s a downright monster and controls the Stand known as Aqua Necklace, a Stand that can take on a liquid form and enter the body of his victims, killing them from the inside. He uses this technique to kill Josuke Higashikata’s grandfather and terrorize Jotaro Kujo and Josuke for three days straight before the Joestar duo outsmart him and turn him into a rock with Josuke’s Stand, Crazy Diamond.

9) Daniel J. D’Arby

The great thing about D’arby is that unlike many other JoJo villains, he couldn’t simply be beaten in a physical brawl. Daniel J. D’arby was the world’s best gambler, and possessed the ability to turn his opponents’ souls into small coins if they were to lose a bet. With this power, he managed to capture two of the four traveling Stardust Crusaders by outsmarting and out-cheating them. He would have captured the rest of their souls, too, if it wasn’t for a sheer bluff by Jotaro.

8) Steely Dan

Oh, Steely Dan. How I loved watching you be beaten by Jotaro. This dastardly villain served Lord Dio in the anime’s third part, Stardust Crusdaers. Like many of his followers, he was sent out to kill Jotaro and his companions before they made it to Egypt. Steely Dan was arrogant and sadistic with the use of his Stand Lovers, which can enter the brain of unsuspecting victim and kill them by damaging sections of their brain or planting spores that will burst out of the victim’s head. With this power, he took Joseph Joestar as a captive and threatened to kill a little girl. He even tried to paralyze Jotaro by stabbing him in the spine — too bad Jotaro quickly turned the tables and forced Steely Dan to stab himself in the face.

7) Terunosuke Miyamoto

Miyamoto has a self-admitted “crap” stand that grants him the ability to turn people into paper. The catch is, he has to identify the mannerisms of his targets when they’re afraid before he can capture them with his Enigma Boy Stand (known in some dubs as Misterioso). Miyamoto is, however, a master of striking fear into his targets, and even manages to capture both Koichi Hirose and Josuke before being beaten by Yuya Fungami’s Stand Highway Star.

6) Hol Horse

Hol Horse is a reoccurring minor villain in Stardust Crusaders and an all-around scumbag. His over confident swagger is at times repulsive, but it soon becomes a comedic quirk of the would-be assassin, who fails at nearly every step. His Stand, Emperor, at first simply looks like your ordinary pistol, but as Jotaro and the group soon find out, it’s much more than that. Hol Horse can change the direction of the bullets mid-air, meaning he’s a cracking shot. Unfortunately, his foolishness foils his plans multiple times, which makes for some of the most hilarious and memorable moments of JoJo‘s third arc.

5) Kars

Kars is the main antagonist in Battle Tendency, the second part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He is the leader of the Pillar Men, a group of warriors from an ancient time who have come back to reclaim Earth. This scantily-clad warrior god’s ultimate goals are to rule Earth, turn all humans into his personal food source and become the ultimate life form by putting on an ancient evil mask he made thousands of years ago — you know, the usual villain plot. What makes Kars stand out, however, is that he technically succeeds in doing so, and becomes an unbeatable force of nature that is able to control all living organisms on Earth. He’s even dropped into a volcano and survived by creating a crab-like crust around his body. Unfortunately for Kars, not even he could survive the vast vacuum of space, and spent the remainder of eternity drifting through the stars after he was launched into space by the aforementioned volcano.

4) Vanilla Ice

Who could have thought a dude in a pink cod piece could be so menacing? Named after the not so terrifying ’90s rapper Vanilla Ice, this bad guy was Dio’s most fanatic and powerful follower. Before his untimely demise due to exposure to the sun (oh yeah, he’s also a vampire), Vanilla Ice singlehandedly took on Avdol, Iggy and Polnareff with his void-devouring Stand named Cream. Cream had the unique ability to consume Vanilla Ice and turn into an orb that eviscerated anything with which it came into contact. The Fabio-haired villain’s most evil act, however, was when he kicked the beloved dog Iggy to death. For that reason alone, he easily makes this list.

3) Wamuu

Wamuu may pose like a male model, showing off his shredded physique, but he is, in fact, much more than that. Wamuu is an ancient Aztecan warrior god who has slumbered for thousands of years, awakening only to feast on humankind. He’s as bad as they come, but this villain contrasts many of the others on this list. Firstly, he has clear morals and respects the way of the warrior, leading to some interesting encounters between Joseph Joestar and his charming Italian companion, Caesar Zeppeli. Wamuu later kills Caesar in a bloody battle, and more than once lets Joseph live despite nearly killing him with his devastating wind abilities.

2) Dio Brando

Dio Brando is the catalyst of all events in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and is arguably the most evil being ever seen in an anime. As a young man, he kills his step brother’s dog by locking it in a furnace; he steals his love’s first kiss; and then, just for good measure, poisons and stabs his adoptive father. If these actions weren’t evil enough, Dio Brando soon becomes an immortal vampire and begins to plague the Joestar lineage for the next century by killing and stealing the headless body of Jonathan Joestar.

Dio’s a great villain because even when he is not on screen, or even mentioned, his presence is always felt; he is even the reason the Joestars awaken their ability to use Stands. His cunning and insatiable hunger for power are equalled by none, and he will use any method to obtain what he wants. He also possesses an uncountable amount of abilities: laser eyes, control of the undead, regenerative healing, freezing touch and, of course later on, the ability to stop time with his all-powerful Stand known as The World. I can list Dio’s evil actions all day, but one quote encapsulates Dio’s true evil. When questioned how many lives had Dio taken, Dio simply replied, “How many breads have you eaten?”

1) Yoshikage Kira

Compared to all other villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Yoshikage Kira’s ambitions are almost relatable: he simply wants to be left alone, uninterrupted. Now, of course, this lifestyle is compromised, as Kira is serial killer fixated on collecting the hands of beautiful women. With the help of his awesomely named Stand, Killer Queen, Kira is able to turn any object or person into a bomb, which is perfect for destroying evidence of his nefarious deeds. He’s methodical, quick-thinking and seemingly has fate on his side. Kira is also by far the best written and most dubious villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, as we see him enjoy simple things such as chicken katsu sandwiches and walks in the park, things many viewers may also enjoy and relate to, making his actions feel even more evil and sinister.

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  1. It might be controversial pick to put Kira over DIO, I mean it’s hard seeing as how Killer Queen and Za Warudo are both so badass… I definitely agree with Whammu over Kars though.

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