Last week the bomb squad came together to face a brand new team building challenge, instead of the usual virtual questing we’re used to, we stepped out of the digital sphere and into a real life puzzle solving game.

Escape Room’s have been popping up all over the world over the last few years and with good reason, they’re loads of fun! They take the original concept of the ‘escape the room’ style video games and turn it into a physical team based adventure game where you’re ‘locked’ into a room with your team and use objects found in the room to find clues, solve puzzles and escape the room within the time limit.

For our first ever escape experience we checked out the Escape Hunt Experience in the Sydney CBD.

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Walking into the lobby was like being transported back to the 1920’s, a time of mystery, intrigue and PI’s. While waiting for our room to be ready we reclined back on one of the black leather lounge’s and occupied ourselves with some warm up puzzles, unfortunately no one was able to solve the rubik’s cube quickly enough to get their name of the wall of fame.

There are currently 3 different room experiences available to choose from, each has a different theme and objective or mystery to solve.

We took on the beginner level experience, titled ‘Robbery In The Cottage’. In this scenario we worked as a group of famous detectives to solve the mystery of who stole the fortune of gold coins, set in Sydney’s historic, The Rocks.

Just because this is the entry level adventure, don’t let it lull you into a false sense of security, it has plenty of challenges and curve balls to throw at you.

The first thing to note about these experience is that for safety reasons you’re not actually locked inside anywhere, your support crew/forensic team is easily contactable via radio at all times and yes, you are allowed to use the bathroom.

The experience begins as we’re led into a small dark room filled with a range of mismatched furniture, clues scattered around the room and a handy whiteboard to help keep track of our adventures.

To solve the mystery of the lost coins we uncovered several suspects during the adventure, each had clues and puzzles relating to them that we had to solve to progress further through the room in the 60 minute time limit.

There were several different types of puzzles that kept us on our toes, whether it be matching clues, number/math puzzles, word games or just thoroughly searching the room for the clue or puzzle piece we were missing.

As a team we made it through the first few puzzles quite quickly but as we progressed, so did the difficulty. This isn’t a game that you can risk getting cocky, some of the puzzles are TOUGH. Even with our 5 ultra nerdy brains working together we were stuck at points, sometimes overthinking or missing obvious steps like searching the rooms further.

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What we loved about it the experience overall is that this isn’t your typical weekend or evening activity, it’s not bowling or paintball, this is a brain work out and it’s the perfect thing for your group of geeky friends. If you’re addicted to Sherlock or iPhone puzzle games this is the experience for you.

It’s also a great team building exercise, working together to come up with creative solutions is a great bonding experience that would be perfect to tackle with a group of work mates, or simply with a group of close friends who want to test their bonds even further.

Overall we had an absolute blast taking on this challenge together and, don’t worry we made it out with plenty of time to spare. The bomb squad lived to see another day.

The Escape Hunt Sydney is an excellent experience, the atmosphere both inside the room and in the lobby area really put you in the mood for mystery solving, everything is well set out and explained so you’re able to jump straight in to the scenario quickly and easily. Not to mention the experience is constantly expanding, with a new generation of games rolling out in the coming months that will include a range of high tech elements such as tactile and sensory puzzles.

We can guarantee that we’ll be heading back to check out the new improvements and the other scenario’s available!

More information on all of the available scenarios, booking times and the latest information is available on the Escape Hunt Website and make sure you’re following them on Facebook to keep up to date with when the new generation of games roll out.

Check out the trailer for the Sydney experience below!

Escape Hunt is also available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide, so there’s opportunities for players all across Australia to get involved. For more information about other locations in Australia and the rest of the world check out the global website here.

Happy Hunting!

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    Wow this seems like so much fun!!! Wish i was smart enough to solve something like this…i can’t even solve most video games let alone real life stuff…lol…

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