The first look at Netflix’s Mute speaks a billion vibrant words.

From director Duncan Jones, the BAFTA-winning creative behind films like Moon and Source CodeMute is a sci-fi chiller years in the making. The pic takes place in near-future Berlin, in the year 2052, and spills out in stunning technicolour. We follow Leo (played by Alexander Skarsgård), a bartender incapable of speech (though perhaps not incapable of language, and definitely not barred from communication), whose inner demons sizzle close to the surface.

Things get worse for the tongue-caught Leo when his girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh) vanishes — a disappearance caused by his involvement with the city’s notorious gangsters. Determined to find her and bring her back to safety, Leo enlists the help of a surgeon called Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and ventures to infiltrate the rings of crime that churn in Berlin’s seedy underbelly.

Mute also stars Justin Theroux as Cactus’ best friend and partner Duck Teddington, Nikki Lamborn as Rhonna, Ulf Hermann as Gunther, Florence Kasumba as Tanya, Gilbert Owuor as Maksim, Daniel Fathers as Sgt. Robert Kloskowski, Noel Clarke as Stuart, Robert Sheehan as Luba, Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, and Anja Karmanski as Kathy.

Watch the full trailer — plus take a peek at the film’s official poster, which was also released today — below. By all accounts, it seems Jones will more than make up for the misstep that was 2016’s Warcraft with this vivid thriller.

Written by Jones, Michael Robert Johnson, and Damon Peoples, Mute will hit Netflix on February 23.

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