It’s time for another episode of Fungeons & Flagons!

The Mauderator (@MaudeGarrett) DMs our three Adventurers known as the Tiny Boys –‘Maester’ Sam Bashor (@SamBashor), ‘Hellgarth Trinkledink’ Jeremy Azavedo (@DangerSharkz), and ‘Tauryn Tummy Touch’ Matt Lieberman (@MattLieberman) — through Bear’s Reach in Aurelica and help Tanner retrieve his wagon supplies! But IT’S NOT THAT EASY.

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Special thanks to:

Studio/Production – Filup Molina – @Fimo
Editor – Editor Brett – @BrettHouston88
Graphics/Animation – Terry Trinh – @ForiegnBacon
3D Intro & Map Edit – Tom Bellamy – @OddboyNZ
Theme Song – Josh Soon @Feenixpawl (Written & Sung by Maude Garrett)
Logo – Starline Hodge – @Starlinex

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