The 2018 Super Bowl was just as much about football as it was about the movie and TV teasers and trailers that sliced through the Eagles versus Patriots showdown. And thankfully for us, the entertainment-obsessed viewers at home, this year’s selection was anything but uninteresting.

From a new glimpse at Marvel’s next franchise in its biggest cinematic franchise to the first-ever look at a long-awaited Star Wars standalone (you know the one) and even to footage that sadly failed to spark our interest but definitely made us look twice, here are the good, the bad, and the straight-up confusing movie trailers from Super Bowl 52.

A Quiet Place

Julia: I’ve been seeing parts of this on my Facebook feed for the longest time! I remember that, for a while, the caption was this totally inaccurate description of how it was a film about a family that was deaf because they showed the clips of them communicating with sign language. Honestly, I’m so glad that there’s some closure to what the context is. Now, I’m looking forward to this film. It seems like such a creative survival, horror take, so I’m in!

Ryan: I love scary movies as much as the next guy, but unfortunately, this movie just looks incredibly uncomfortable to watch. Not even really in a scary way, just in a frustrating way. I don’t have any interest in seeing it, personally.

Mickey: Ooohhhkkay. I don’t really feel like I can be in a position to criticize a film I haven’t seen yet when the premise of it has so much promise. As an avid horror lover, I find it so, SO rare to come across unique stories, ones that are bringing something new to the table and pushing the boat out a little.

I can’t say I’m too hyped about it — the trailer doesn’t give me heaps of excitement — but I am very keen to check out a new story in the horror genre. I want to see more new films take unique spins like this one!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Julia: I just want to know what happens to Blue. Is it going to be a “Darwinism” take where Blue dies, since you shouldn’t mess with what happened with nature and you should know that the dinosaurs were extinct for a reason? Or will Chris Pratt’s Owen be able to raise Blue on some jungle farm off the island?

Half-joking aside, it looks like a fun action film, but I’m in no rush to really see it. I thought the previous Jurassic World was, again, a fun action film, and that was kind of it. That being said, if there’s nothing else in the theaters for me to see, it’s a very high possibility I’m wearing my dino onesie to see it.

Brad: It seems with each trailer release, Jurassic World drifts further from Jurassic Park and more into an action film zone. This isn’t necessarily an entirely bad thing — I’ll gladly pay 20 dollars to see dinosaurs outsmart humans for 120 minutes — I just hope it’s not the first Jurassic World film again with another man-made dinosaur. I will say that I am always looking forward to what new dinos they add in. I say bring back the poison-spitting ones!

Ryan: From what I’ve seen in this trailer, this movie is just going to have the most insane visuals of any Jurassic Park franchise movie yet. I think we’re finally reaching a point where CGI can make almost as big of an impact as practical effects. Key word: ALMOST. This trailer has me more excited to see this than I was for Jurassic World after its first trailers. It seems to have a lot of very tense scenes, much like the original Jurassic Park. Bring it on!

Dean: I was not a fan of Jurassic World at all, because I felt that it didn’t capture the same magic Jurassic Park had and that it used way too much CGI for the dinosaurs. But after following the production for Fallen Kingdom, seeing how their driving for more practical effects and using animatronic dinosaurs once again, I’m definitely more interested by this. The latest trailer has me very excited for it, as it has a more classic Jurassic Park vibe to it. Fingers crossed this will be the movie to reignite my love for the franchise.

Mickey: I’m just not sure they know what kind of films they’re making anymore. At this point, if the storylines are forever going to be, “We brought dinosaurs back to life in captivity. Oh wait, they’re free and rampaging! Everyone run!” then I don’t know if I can be bothered to sit through another two-hour CGI hyper-fest. Bring some decent plot to the table, and then we can talk.

Mission: Impossible — Fallout 

Julia: I’m just here for the Justice League mustache memes. Mission: Impossible has been a rather Fast & Furious-esque version of the Bond films for a while, and I just enjoy seeing them for Simon Pegg. It’s like a silly series that takes itself way too seriously at this point, so I’m not in a hurry to see it.

Dean: I love the Mission: Impossible franchise and I’ve enjoyed every single movie especially since Simon Pegg became a core member of the team because the man is a babe. There comes a point where you start to wonder whether they’re making one too many of these films, but after watching this trailer, that thought instantly vanished because man, does it look good.

Mickey: Not one cell in my body is excited for this film. Not one.

Red Sparrow 

Julia: Waiting for Marvel’s Black Widow solo film. Sorry Jennifer Lawrence, I’m going to pass.

Mickey: If I wasn’t anticipating a well-earned Black Widow film, then I would be more excited by this. It seems decent. I’m sure Jennifer Lawrence is going to do a good job, but ultimately, I don’t feel like giving this film a second glance.


Julia: Am I the only one getting Taken-mixed-with-Die Hard vibes? It seems like one of those films from The Rock where if I come across it on TV or my friend wants to see it at their place, I’ll watch. Johnson knows how to deliver on the action, but the whole “saving the family” thing isn’t anything new.

Brad: This is Die Hard with the Rock. Except, to mix it up just a little bit, they’ve given him a fake leg, which seems to not detract from the fact that he’s still able to leap a ludicrous distance. I mean, he’ll probably hit someone with a rock bottom at some point, so I’m keen for that.

Ryan: I honestly have no idea what I just watched. Kudos to The Rock, though; he’s definitely doing work these days! He seems to be an awesome dude, and deserves all of these action roles that he’s getting.

Mickey: I’m here for a new multi-story action film set in a monolith of glass and steel. I think it’s time. The world needs a new one. Bring it on, this looks awesome.

Westworld (Season 2)

Julia: Am I too excited for this show to return? Probably. Just as excited as I am for Legion to return. The sci-fi fantasy shows that I absolutely adore are coming back, and I’m just so excited that my children are coming back to visit me.

Dean: The first season of Westworld was all kinds of crazy mind-foolery, but it looks like this next season is just going to be straight-up action and war. Strangely enough, this actually gives me Jurassic Park vibes with how they’ve lost control of the park and all the humans are just trying to survive. I mean, if anything, that makes me even more excited for the new season.

Mickey: This is doing what Jurassic World should be doing. I haven’t even watched the whole of season one of Westworld, but already, this trailer makes me want to go back and start all over again. Fantastic editing and, from what I can, tell a great storyline? Yep. I’m into it.

The Cloverfield Paradox

Julia: Releasing a Cloverfield film trailer that doesn’t really say anything hours before the release of a Cloverfield film with zero promotion about said Cloverfield film is the most Cloverfield film thing ever.

Ryan: I just love the mystique behind the Cloverfield series and how they’ve begun to surprise us every time with these last-minute releases and trailers. I’m very excited for the future of this anthology series, and will eat up anything Cloverfield.

Mickey: OHHH, THIS LOOKS GOOD. I haven’t been able to escape some of the early reviews on the web, unfortunately, but I still think this is a solid trailer. I’m a sucker for good sci-fi and the Clover-verse films definitely get me pretty excited. This looks right up my street, moody, well-shot, interesting and mysterious premise… heck yes. I’m in.

Avengers: Infinity War

Julia: I mean, it wasn’t a trailer, but we did get to see some new footage with that dramatic background music, so I’m still hyped up! Also, Vision better still be there at the end, or I’m going to be so disappointed. Just saying.

Brad: There was a lot of subtle information in this small trailer, like Captain America’s new dual Wakanda-inspired shields and the fact that Spider-Man totally gets sucked up into space on a giant alien death machine.

Ryan: I think “epic” is an understatement when describing how huge this movie is going to be. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building up to this climax for years, and stuff is about to go down. This teaser was short, but it really illustrates how visually stunning this movie is going to be. It’s also very cool to see groups of characters that we’ve never seen together. It’s going to possibly be the biggest Marvel release to date.

Solo: A Star Wars Story 

Brad: This trailer seems to hit on some really cool visual note, but I’m still a little worried because we saw very, very little of Ehrenreich’s Han Solo, and the film is so close to release. Also, not a lot of the plot was shown here either, though this may be a good thing. Donald Glover as Lando though, wow! I just hope we get a “Han shot first” moment.

Julia: This first look reminds me of a space version of Blade Runner, without the orange filters. It’s got stunning visuals and solid action. However, I’m still a little concerned since we still don’t know how Ehrenreich is going to be as Solo. I can’t tell if Disney is cutting around Ehrenreich’s performance on purpose to hype up our new iteration of Han Solo, or if the studio is doing it so people will for sure get tickets before they even see the film. Who knows! Guess I’ll just have to still wait and see for more promo before I can actually have an opinion about it.

All that worry wart-ness aside, Glover-Lando! He looks absolutely amazing!

Ryan: I’m definitely not as excited to see this as I have been for other recent Star Wars releases. The marketing for this movie has been pretty bad up to this point. This teaser definitely didn’t blow me away. The one bright spot for me was Lando. I’m absolutely still going to see it no matter what, but the hype for me is definitely on the low end for a Star Wars trailer.

Dean: I’m very on edge about this film with all the issues it’s had during its production, which makes me sad because Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian is brilliant casting and I would love to see him shine in that role.

The trailer didn’t really have me that excited compared to past Star Wars films, so it’s not looking to good at the moment. But in saying that, the trailer for The Last Jedi had me completely hyped but then I ended up being disappointed with the film, so perhaps it’s a good thing that this trailer doesn’t have me that excited. Only time will tell.

Mickey: It’s all about Donald Glover. Let’s just admit that right now. I’m not going for any other reason.

What did you think of all the trailers? Let us know in the comments below!

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