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This is Maude Garrett’s personal place to geek out, week out. She’s hand-picked an ultra-talented team from all over the world to make up her Bomb Squad, people who are just as unabashedly geeky as she is! So join Maude and the Squad (hey, that kinda rhymes!) as they delve into video games, television and films, books and comics, music, reviews, interviews with stars and celebs, red carpet premieres, and as they talk all things geeky on YouTube. 

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Maude Garrett

Founder, Boss Bomb

Aussie TV/Radio/Online Host in LA and creator of Geek Bomb. She enjoys reading, fantasy, Law & Order SVU (it’s getting bad, guys) and her newly-adopted dog Zelda. She’s a professional geek, Dungeon Master, and pun enthusiast. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Email her at


AJ Caulfield

Social Media Manager, Managing Editor

AJ is a 23-year-old writer, massive goofball, and quite possibly Jim Halpert’s long-lost sister. She’s half behind-the-scenes, half in the light, as she runs day-to-day operations on Geek Bomb’s social media platforms, oversees the writing teams, edits all of Geek Bomb’s written content, and does a bit of writing of her own. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Email her at


Brad Weston

Games Editor

Brad Weston has always gravitated towards pop culture and all things cool. He’s got a knack for comic books, video games, and Always Sunny quotes, and his ever-expanding record collection is yet to be bested. He maintains the prospect of one day becoming the Red Power Ranger or Josuke from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Catch his game reviews on the site! Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Email him at


Julia Fang

Social Media Manager

Julia is an artist in LA who loves movies, anime, TV shows, books, games and crafts! She manages Geek Bomb’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, all while attending as many geeky events as her bank account allows her to. Sidenote: Her stomach is a black hole for food, where she heart is filled with so much dorkiness. It’s sometimes concerning. But really, food… Follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Email her at


Ceilidh Lawrence

Writer, Social Media Assistant

Unlike many people her age, Ceilidh isn’t waiting for her Hogwarts letter. Instead, she is waiting for her Watcher to appear to guide her into her new life as a vampire Slayer. Since that doesn’t seem likely, she devotes her time to writing reviews, reactions and geeky guides to some of her favourite shows for Geek Bomb. In her spare time, she can be found haunting the forests of British Columbia with her dog, or seeking out the best hamburger in Vancouver. She loves old sitcoms, Marvel comics, whiskey, Wolverine, good books, Tolkien, Wolverine, and Fallout. Ceilidh runs Fight of Fandoms and #PunDisputed on Geek Bomb’s Twitter. Also, she loves Wolverine. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Shona Johnson


Shona is an aspiring fantasy author who geeks out over books, video games and TV shows. She loves bringing kickass characters to life through cosplay and is Australia’s Lara Croft cosplay ambassador. A huge fan of Nintendo, she’s been running a Legend of Zelda fan site since 2001. She indulges her interest in technology through her job as a telecommunications engineer. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


Mickey Ralph

Writer, Graphic Designer

When Mickey’s not wandering around one of the nine circles of hell searching for a new horror movie to sink her teeth into she’s either throwing glitter polish on her nails, cracking the spine of a new novel and slipping blissfully into its shadowy narration or whispering sweet nothings into her cat’s ear. Look to her for nail art and makeup looks, excited reviews on anything wonderfully dark, strange or macabre and if you find yourself in need of a good book she’ll definitely point you in the right direction! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



Zhiana is Geek Bomb’s resident cosplayer, who also has a huge passion for video games, Blizzard games in particular. When she isn’t playing too much Overwatch or high fantasy RPGs, she can be found curled up on the couch watching television, or relaxing at the cinema, as the geeky silver screen is her kryptonite! Zhiana can also be found attending conventions and writing articles about all the nerdy things she loves — when not staring, smiling and joking into a camera lens for cosplay, YouTube and Twitch. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Dean Abdou


Dean is a huge gaming nerd; you’ll find his name all over YouTube, and he’s actually most notably known for his work on TGN. He has been creating all sorts of content on the internet for years, ranging from comedy sketches all the way to presenting topical gaming videos. Along with gaming, Dean also loves all things film and TV-related, especially anything Marvel/DC. His passion for film expands over into film scores; if there is a piano in the vicinity, you’ll definitely find him on there playing a piece by Hans Zimmer. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Ryan Farroki

Graphic Designer

Ryan Farroki is one of the graphic designers for Geek Bomb. He has a great pun-derstanding of puns and utilizes such for the T-shirts he designs for Geek Bomb’s merchandise website: He has an obsession with the show LOST and wants it to come back in some capacity. Ryan is a collector at heart, and has collected watches, toys, sports memorabilia and more. He casually enjoys video games despite being awful at them. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.