This Saturday (July 8), Zhiana and Spooky will be diving headfirst into the zombie apocalypse and will be (literally) running for their lives, armed with only their wits and NERF guns. It will be a thrilling, exhilarating and downright action-packed day. Let’s see if they will survive.

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ZEDTOWN: State of Emergency

The Nation is in a State of Emergency. The ZTX Virus is rampaging across the nation, infecting city after city. In desperation, the Government — its ranks already decimated by the virus’ arrival in Canberra — have enacted Agenda 12, granting emergency powers to the newly created Ministry for Disease Control (MDC).

Minister August Reyn (THE MINISTER) in a hastily arranged press conference in an undisclosed location. “Under new emergency powers, the Ministry of Disease Control (MDC) has issued an evacuation of all major cities across Australia. All able members of the public must report to Quarantine Zone. Resistance from victims of the ZTX virus is expected, so gear yourself with NERF blasters and prepare for the worst. Due to overwhelmed government resources, there are limited places available in the Quarantine Zones. Apply for your ticket to freedom and await further instruction.

“If you are displaying symptoms of the virus, please remain inside your residence and do not attempt to access the Quarantine Zones. Be alert.”

“We are the government and we are here to help you.”

What is ZEDTOWN?

ZEDTOWN is a giant game of real world zombie-themed tag. Players take up NERF toy dart blasters and fight for their life against hordes of vicious zombies. Over the course of an afternoon, as survivors are hunted down and tagged by zombies they become zombies themselves, spreading the virus and dooming humanity. It’s up to the remaining survivors to hold out for as long as they can, and maybe escape ZEDTOWN.

More than just a game of running and blasting, ZEDTOWN is a truly interactive event that empowers players to create their own action and tell their own stories. A call-in radio station provides up-to-the-minute immersive colour and useful survival tips while our dedicated app helps survivors communicate and play the game. Social media streams offer real-time clues, commentary and a hub for fantastic player-driven storytelling. These elements combine to create a truly immersive zombie experience just waiting for the players to suit up and leave their mark.

ZEDTOWN is the largest real world zombie survival experience in the southern hemisphere. Born from the brains of three avid gamers & creators, ZEDTOWN is passionate about bringing incredible adventures to life in unique and enthralling ways. Their games and software have been extensively covered across the world and they have designed games for thousands of players from all walks of life across incredible venues in Sydney and Melbourne and their last game in 2016 saw over 1,000 players fighting to survive in an apocalyptic University of New South Wales last September.

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