E3 2017 may be winding down, but one of its strongest presenters has yet to give its conference. That’s right, we’re talkin’ Sony, dudes! The company behind the beloved PlayStation line-up is famed for strutting some seriously awesome stuff at the expo, and hopefully this year will be no different.

Fans can expect lots of hardware talk, especially the recently leaked gold PS4 unit, and even potential cost slashings for the PS4 Pro. Like Bethesda did on Sunday, Sony will likely focus on virtual reality a fair bit as well.

On the game front, get ready for Days GoneGod of War, and Shenmue 3 chatter — just don’t throw all your money down on hearing anything Death Stranding-related..

Sony takes the E3 stage at 6 pm PT (following the pre-show material that starts at 5 pm) / 9 pm EDT.

Tune in to the Twitch stream below:
Watch live video from PlayStation on www.twitch.tv

Or check out the YouTube live feed if that’s more your speed:

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