E3 2017 day two is underway. Following Electronic Arts’ conference on Saturday — which featured glimpses at new IPs, the ubiquitous sports titles, and a ton of new info about Star Wars Battlefront 2 — Microsoft is amping up for an epic showdown.

At this year’s expo, the company is slated to show off (in all its likely glorious detail) its much buzzed-about Project Scorpio console. Prices have reportedly already leaked, but players are still hazy on what the system looks like, what exactly it can do (in comparison to the dev kit), and the titles that will release alongside it at launch. Microsoft fans can also expect Master Chief reveals, a juicy look at Forza in native 4K resolution, and perhaps a f ew appearances from Sea of Thieves and Crackdown.

The company takes the stage for its Xbox Showcase today, June 11, at 2 pm PDT / 5 pm EDT. And lucky for you, we’ve got two ways to watch live.

Tune in to the Twitch stream below:

Watch live video from Xbox on www.twitch.tv

Or check out the YouTube live feed if that’s more your speed:

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