The 69th annual Emmy awards will take place on September 17, which means we have heaps of time to complain about who did or did not get nominated. The top two nominated shows, Westworld and Saturday Night Live, likely got so many nods due to the current political climate — SNL because the cast have been exercising their right to bear Alec Baldwin, and Westworld because it’s classic HBO escapism about some pretty hardcore escapism. It’s so meta, Abed Nadir would be scratching his head.

But we’re not here to talk about the biggest contenders at the upcoming Emmys; we’re here to talk about the snubs. There are so many shows that were underappreciated this year. I understand not every show can make the list, that would completely undermine the point, but there are a few shows and performances that deserve the nod. I selected three shows I feel are definitely worthy of some Emmy love, and I’m going to tell you precisely why with minimal fangirling.

Just kidding, this is Geek Bomb; I’m about to unleash some extreme dorkiness on you all.


Let’s start with the most shocking snub, in my opinion anyway, Taboo.

This FX/BBC drama was critically acclaimed but did not receive a single nomination. I even double-checked to ensure the show qualified — it does, it was just overlooked.

I wrote a glowing review of the first season of Taboo, and I’m eager as heck for the second season to start filming in 2018. When Taboo first came out, Tom Hardy was considered a strong contender for awards, but that little glimmer of hope faded fast. Hardy’s father, Edward, helped create the concept and has writing credits alongside the shows other creator/writer Steven Knight. The writing, directing, and acting were superb, but they pale in comparison to the cinematography, production design, and wardrobe. To be blunt, the list of talented folk that worked on Taboo who are deserving of Emmy recognition is as long as Hardy’s muscular thigh.

Taboo had all the award show favorites, too, including dark themes like revenge and incest. It truly seemed primed and ready to take home a handful of awards.

I still feel like I must be missing something here; I don’t understand how Taboo doesn’t appear anyway in the Emmy nominations. From the costumes to the haunting performances, this epic program warrants much more acknowledgment. 

The Leftovers

I must admit, I’ve never seen The Leftovers. Put down your pitchforks, dear villagers — where the hell did you get pitchforks in 2017, anyhow? I’m going to make time for this critical darling as soon as I am through with my Twin Peaks binge. And though I may not have seen it, the hype around this HBO drama is so intense, it’s impossible to ignore.

The show is based on the book of the same name by Tom Perrotta and aired its final episode in June of this year. For three seasons, the brilliant cast has handled the premise of the supposed rapture without gaining a single Emmy nod until the final season.

Ann Dowd is nominated for two separate performances this year, but the rest of the outstanding cast was left behind — not unlike the very characters they play. Judging by what was trending on Twitter shortly after the nominations were announced, most outrage seems to stem from the omission of Carrie Coon for her role as Nora Durst. Coon herself told Vanity Fair, “As wonderful as it was to be nominated for Fargo, I can’t deny that I was really heartbroken over the lack of attention for The Leftovers—for Damon, for Justin.” Coon is referring to series creator Damon Lindelof and co-star Justin Theroux and it seems that while the fans agree with Coon, the biggest complaint is undoubtedly her lack of recognition.

Many feel the show earned a nomination but unfortunately, it will be another beautifully fabricated series that will go down in history as unappreciated in its time.


Now, to be fair, this Showtime treat did get two well-deserved nominations but the show itself was not nominated. Sadly, Shameless has never really received the award show love it deserves.

This gritty drama follows the lives of a poor Chicago family with more issues than a hoarder with a subscription to Us Weekly, and its seventh season was exceptional.

Season 7 of  was exceptional. It had a number of phenomenal character arcs and the sizzling dialogue Shameless fans have come to expect. Jeremy Allen White as Lip Gallagher has long been my favourite among the cast, but the last two seasons were undeniably his time to shine. This season White’s character stumbled and slurred his way to tortured genius status, all while retaining a James Dean-esque charm. The realization that he is turning into a pathetic drunk like his father, the brilliantly despicable Frank (William H. Macy), forces Lip to confront his problem head on by attending AA meetings. It’s about time White gets recognized for his stunning work.

Overall, the cast hasn’t gotten nearly enough recognition — except for Joan Cusack, who has been nominated five times and won once for her outstanding portrayal of the lovable but agoraphobic Shelia Jackson.

Additionally, Steve Howey should most definitely have gotten a supporting role nod for his consistently funny performance as Kevin Ball, especially after the whole two wives story arc.

Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher is another Shameless actor deserving of more recognition. He was once the most reckless sibling but really pulled himself together in season 7. As Monaghan’s baby face melts away to reveal the pensive adult underneath, Ian matures emotionally as well. The brick walls he built up while dealing with his tumultuous relationship with neighbourhood toughie Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher) and being diagnosed as bipolar begin to crumble as he thrives in his new career and relationship.

And that brings me to the biggest snub for the cast: the Gallagher’s matriarch Fiona, played by the deceptively doe-eyed Emmy Rossum. The queen of the South side with the poison-tipped tongue deserves a dang Emmy. An Emmy for Emmy. Fight me.

Rossum has been building the character of Fiona Gallagher for years and her performance keeps getting stronger. Admittedly, Rossum has a point of reference with the original UK version of Fiona, but what she’s created here is something different. When Fi cries, I cry, and when she finally lets out a non-sarcastic laugh, I sigh with relief because that woman is stretched so thin. The rare genuine chuckles that manage to bubble up from Fiona’s belly fill whatever room she is in with an incomparable mirth.

Rossum has developed a truly enchanting character, and she knows it, she proved this when she demanded equal pay to Macy. She knew that the show couldn’t possibly carry on without her, and she stood her ground. In the end, she got what she deserved and season 8 looks to be another massively entertaining bit of television.  

The cast aren’t the only ones that are being overlooked, however. The directors and writers have done a bang up job of maintaining exciting story lines with shocking twists for years. This time around, just two nods have popped up on this side of Shameless: William H. Macy is nominated for a third time as Frank Gallagher, and stunt coordinator Eddie Perez is nominated for a second time, after having won the first time. My hope is that Macy will finally get his statue and perhaps the charismatic Rossum can finally get a nomination for the upcoming season. (I am going to cut myself off here because this is rapidly becoming a very public love letter to Emmy Rossum.)

There were some rather conspicuous omissions this year, but Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart are nominated as co-hosts for their show Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, so the world isn’t all bad.

It seems the masses are hollering for Oprah Winfrey and Michael McKean to get recognized for their stellar work this year, but I want to know who else you feel should be on the ballot.

Comment down below, or tweet at me personally (@Andraste) to share your thoughts!

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