Happy 80th anniversary to Snow White! It’s Julia here, and in celebration of the anniversary of the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves blazing the trail of more Disney animated feature films, I was able find ten merchandise that Snow White fans should check out, because appreciating the roots of Disney is pretty darn cool. Let’s jump in, geeks.Amber Arden’s Snow White Cosplay Prints

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For those of you who appreciate a good cosplay, you’ve got to check out Amber Arden. She’s created pretty much every single rendition and mash-up of Snow White you can possibly imagine, while looking amazing doing it! From the classic Snow White cosplay to Sailor Snow White, you can appreciate gorgeous Snow White-inspired cosplay and more by following her Instagram and Facebook. To snag some of her prints, check out her Etsy shop.

Get them here.

Snow White Mickey Mouse Ears

For personalized Mickey ears of your favorite character, it’s a good idea to check out Etsy. Just searching should give you many options and here are some Snow White-inspired ears that I personally liked from shops seamcometrue, ToNeverNeverland, MistysMouseEars and TheAnchoredEar! Keep in mind that if the specific item is already sold, there’s usually a “request custom order” option on the shop’s main page. If there isn’t, you can always just send a message to the shop owner to see if you can work something out!

Get them here from left to right: seamcometrueToNeverNeverlandMistysMouseEarsTheAnchoredEar

Evil Queen’s Spell Book

If you’re really into having decor that’s inspired from films, I’d say having the Evil Queen’s spell book would be a pretty cool thing to have in your home! Here are two options I was able to find from Etsy shops RaggedyRee and BSidesCreations.

Get them here from left to right: RaggedyRee – BSidesCreations

Retro Snow White Apron

If you’re intro retro fashion, this Snow White apron is pretty darn perfect for you! I also think so because the idea of having an alcoholic tea and baking party while watching Disney films pleases me greatly. Doesn’t that just sound like a fun time? Or a tea-baking-gaming night? Is that too much?

Get it here.

Seven Dwarves Cotton Fabric

For those of you who have the abilities to create clothing, here is a fabric pattern that has the seven dwarves on it! Can you imagine a collared button-up top or a skater skirt that has this design on it? It’d be so adorable!

Get it here.

Snow White Art and Prints

To those of you who like purchasing art and prints, here are three pieces of art that I’d personally suggest to complete a room. I’d also suggest to follow Hannah Alexander for Alphonse Mucha-esque art because her visions are absolutely delightful. Follow her over on her Instagram and Society6 shop.

Get them here from left to right:

‘Snow White Discovers the Cottage’ Painting by Thomas Kinkade

The Seven Dwarfs “Homeward Bound” Giclee by Rodel Gonzalez

“Innocence” by Hannah Alexander

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Tsum Tsums Set

No Disney merchandise list would be complete without Tsum Tsums! If you don’t know what Tsum Tsums are, you are about to enter a world of adorable but wallet-sucking collectibles. They’re just so cute. How could you resist them?

Get them here.

Snow White-inspired candle

For those who enjoy candles, smelling a poison apple might not seem like the best idea, but no worries, because it’s just a themed candle. I mean, unless the Etsy shop RensRemedies has somehow discovered how to put spells and curses into a candle… that would be pretty darn badass, too.

Get it here.

Snow White Figures (Disney Princess Designer Collection, Disney’s Fairytale Collection)

For the collectors out there, figures are always a great way to show how much you love the character. A few years ago, Disney released an exclusive designer line for the princesses, so it might be difficult to find them on the Internet now compared to before, but they’re definitely still out there! In more recent years as well, Disney released their Fairytale Collection, and they’re pretty gorgeous.

Get them here from left to right: Designer CollectionFairytale Collection

Snow White Bags

If you’re into bags and clutches, then take a look at the Etsy shops JustBeBohoCollective, JensSewing and psBesitos. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of having a bag that was inspired by classic literature. Plus, I think it’d be a cute idea to have a princess bag for a makeup bag, don’t you agree?

Get them here from left to right: JustBeBohoCollectiveJensSewingpsBesitos

That wraps up my list of Snow White-related merchandise that you geeks should check out! Are there any items that you’d recommend that may have missed my geeky endeavor of window shopping? Share it with us!

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