A boy trapped in a man’s body who is regarded as a childish buffoon has become a serial killer. For years, he has brought various unusual schemes and contrivances to everyday tasks, causing havoc to those around him. But was it all just part of his plan to take over the world?

Sounds like your typical thriller film, right? You would think so if you watched the trailer for Mean Bean. Only Mean Bean isn’t an upcoming film; instead it’s a recut version of the British cult classic sitcom, Mr. Bean. Played by comedian Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean is known for his peculiar behaviour; or, as I like to think, he acts like he’s on a child’s journey of exploration of the big world around him. This behaviour might be fine for a child, but as an adult can become questionable. YouTuber John Loberger decided to take those scenes and create a weird, sadistic maniac version of Mr. Bean.

Check it out below:

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