baby wins

Yeah, you read that correctly.

Steam Greenlight is a place where some truly beautiful and inspiring games have been brought to life and given wide spread recognition. Think Papers, Please, Sunless Sea and Broforce. It can also ben a breeding ground for the likes of Who’s Your Daddy by Joe Williams. In this casual PvP, players take on the role of a suicidal baby and a potentially negligent father. As the child, your goal is to utilise household items to try and get yourself killed. As the daddy, you’re required to do everyday chores whilst also trying to prevent your kid from dying.

No, really. That’s the game. Jesus Christ.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to imagine the hilarity or horror (depending on your perspective) though. As the trailer below shows, there are a bunch of ways to get an infant killed including chugging chemicals to pulling a Sylvia Plath and climbing into the oven. And let’s not forget juxtaposing it all with an upbeat soundtrack! Check it out, and for you Australians out there, surely you can see the resemblance between the baby and that creepy puppet EC from Liftoff?

As you can see, the dad does have some defenses other than simply snatching the kid out of harms way. You can baby proof your house with locks and outlet covers and doing chores can get you some sweet upgrades. Just don’t take too long to put those toys away, who knows what mortal mischief your son might be up to?

If you have a dark as shit sense of humour than you can support Who’s Your Daddy over on its Steam Greenlight page, as well as donate to the Kickstarter. The alpha is also available to play if you can’t wait to get started on the child murder.


Do you think games like Who’s Your Daddy are harmless fun or an inappropriate addition to the gaming industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our social media pages. If all else fails, blame Brad for finding the game.

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