With Spider-Man: Homecoming out in the UK and the US we decided to look at the other Spider-Men that exist in the Spider-verse and pick the ones that we think would be great to join Peter Parker and the rest of the Avengers in the MCU.

Agent Venom (Flash Thompson)

First up, we have Agent Venom, who is none other than Flash Thompson. Technically speaking, this isn’t another Spider-Man, but hear me out on this one. After high school, Flash Thompson enlisted into the Army, where he tragically lost his legs during the Iraq War. Flash was put into Project: Rebirth 2.0, where he would be bonded with a symbiote. After successfully being bonded, he was able to reproduce his legs and have powers comparable to Spider-Man. We all know by now that Flash Thompson will be in the MCU played by Tony Revolori, so we already have the potential to see this version of Flash later become Agent Venom and joining Peter Parker. We probably won’t see Flash in the Iraq War, though; perhaps he might lose his legs in some Avengers-related incident? Who knows, but it would definitely be great to see Tony Revolori as Agent Venom one day.

 Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Now, Miles Morales as been hyped up a lot over the years, especially as this character was inspired by both Barack Obama and Donald Glover, arguably two of the most lovable icons on this wonderful geeky planet. Miles Morales was biten by a spider genetically enhanced with the Oz Formula after his uncle, Aaron Davis, broke into Osborne Industries, where the spider crawled into his bag. This spider bite gave him some unique abilities that Peter Parker doesn’t have, like camouflage, increased agility, as well as some sort of stun blast. After Peter Parker died in this alternate universe, Miles decides to take on the mantle of Spider-Man. In the film Spider-Man: Homecoming, Donald Glover actually plays the role of Aaron Davis and [SPOILER] there’s a moment in the film where he briefly mentions having a nephew in New York. This could mean that there are already plans to bring Miles Morales to the MCU which would be amazing. The origin story could still play out the same as it does in the comics but perhaps in the MCU, Peter Parker doesn’t actually die and instead becomes some kind of mentor to Miles, passing on what he learnt from Tony Stark. All in all, I for one would love to see Miles join the MCU.

Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacey)

We all know who Gwen Stacey is, but if you haven’t watched any of the Amazing Spider-Man films or read any of the comics, then no worries. The quick rundown is that she was once a love interest to Peter Parker before tragically dying in an accident. However, in an alternate reality, Gwen Stacey ends up the one bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter, and she becomes Spider-Woman. She dons a fabulous white and black outfit and possesses all the same powers as Spider-Man. As for Peter? Well, in this universe, he wanted to be like Spider-Woman so much that he conducted experiments on himself, which eventually led to his death. Of course, in the MCU Peter Parker has already been established, but that’s not to say that they couldn’t still introduce Spider-Woman via other methods. Maybe we could see Gwen Stacey get bitten in some other way, or perhaps one of Spider-Man’s enemies conducted experiments to recreate the accident only to accidentally create Spider-Woman herself! The possibilities are endless, but I would love to see this hero swinging around in New York.

Scarlet Spider (Ben Riley)

The Scarlet Spider might be a Spider-Man that not many people have heard about, as he is a little bit of a niche and isn’t featured much in any other mediums. For that reason alone, I think he would be a fantastic inclusion into the MCU, as he’s someone new to explore. The Scarlet Spider was created from Peter Parker’s DNA as part of an elaborate plan by the Jackal. As with all villains’ plans, things never work in their favour, and eventually, this clone of Peter decides to leave New York to discover who he truly is after learning he isn’t the real Peter Parker. He gives himself the name Ben Riley, which is taken from Uncle Ben’s first name and Aunt May’s maiden name. After Aunt May’s death, Ben returns to New York and joins Peter to fight crime. Thus, the Scarlet Spider is born. His costume is actually quite reminiscent of Spider-Man’s homemade costume that we see in Homecoming, which could potentially be a nice little nod to the character. It would be great to see the Scarlet Spider actually join the MCU one day, perhaps as a life-model decoy which was introduced in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Iron Spider (Amadeus Cho)

Last but not least, we have the Iron Spider — but not the Peter Parker version. Although originally in the comics it’s Peter Parker who dons the Iron Spider suit after Tony Stark made it specially for him, there’s another alternate reality where a boy genius by the name of Amadeus Cho takes on the mantle instead. A little different from earlier suggestions as they are all comic book-based, this particular version of Amadeus originates from the animated TV series Ultimate Spider-Man. Amadeus gets his hands on the Iron Spider suit from Spider-Man, eventually proving that he is more than capable of operating it. This leads to Cho becoming the Iron Spider and joining Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. Besides being a boy genius, Amadeus doesn’t have any powers of his own; everything power-based comes straight from the suit. To see the Iron Spider appear in the MCU would be every Spider-Man fan’s dream come true. It would be even better if we saw the Amadeus Cho version because this would mean that we could still have Peter Parker rocking out the awesome original spidey suit that Tony made him. Imagine seeing the Iron Spider alongside Spider-Man fighting crime! It would be a fantastic duo only made better by the fact that they’re both science nerds.

Honourable Mention: Spider-Man Noir

I’m giving an honourable mention to Spider-Man Noir, one of my personal favourites within the Spider-verse. Now admittedly this Spider-Man in the comics would be a little difficult to introduce into the MCU, mainly for the fact that the entire storyline takes place during the Great Depression. Putting all that aside, Spider-Man Noir is one of the most bad-ass Spider-Men to exist in the comics. After Uncle Ben is killed by a businessman for striking against one of his sweatshops, it drives Peter to try to resolve it by seeking justice. He ventures to a warehouse where the Goblin’s men are unloading a shipment of stolen antiques. A particular antique, a spider statue, breaks open and releases a horde of spiders. One of the spiders bites Peter, causing him to pass out and when he awakens he discovers he has spider-like powers. Peter created a costume based on his uncle’s World War I-era airman uniform and became the Spider-Man. He was also equipped with pistol revolvers, which sort of emphasised the bad-ass aspect of this version of Spider-Man. Unfortunately, I can’t think of an example of how this character could ever appear in the MCU but if he somehow did then I am all onboard.

Those are just a select few of the Spider-Men that we’d like to see join the MCU but what about you? If you have any Spider-Men which you’d like to see on the big screen, let us know in the comments below!

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