Believe it or not, the video game based Resident Evil film franchise is coming into its 15th year. In that time, the saga of Alice, Claire, Jill and the rest of the bad-ass survivors has provided us with the original and five sequels.

If you are planning on checking out the last installment, coincidently called Resident Evil: The Last Chapter, but you have not seen the other films, you are in luck. Firstly though, you could watch the previous films (check your local TV Guide for a pop-up marathon — Australian Foxtel subscribers, check out channel 400 from January 26 to January 29.) If you could not be bothered, for whatever reason, this is where you are lucky. Milla Jovovich is here to help, courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

In just two quick and concise minutes, you will get a refresher of the major moments from the past films, with a few teaser clips from the forthcoming film, too. As the rewind will show, Resident Evil has gone from a survival horror to an epic apocalyptic bad-ass action.

Are you planning on seeing Resident Evil: The Final Chapter?

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