With so many films getting the reboot treatment recently, Hasbro has decided to join in. Earlier this year, the toy manufacturer announced they were planning on updating their board game Monopoly.

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Fans from around the world were allowed to vote online to decide which eight tokens will be included in next edition of Monopoly. According to ABC Australia, more than 4.3 million votes from 100 countries were submitted.

There were 64 contenders, ranging from the classics to new-age gadgets and even a prehistoric animal. With so many choices available, voters still seemed to be loyal to the original, opting to keep several pieces from the 1930s debut.

As we finally say goodbye to the trusty thimble, the wheelbarrow has been given the boot, too. The boot has also been retired to make way for the three new animals in town: a rubber ducky, a tyrannosaurus rex and a penguin.



Check out the most popular ranking order for the new Monopoly tokens:

  1. Scottie Dog (original)
  2. T-Rex (new)
  3. Top Hat: (original)
  4. Car (original)
  5. Rubber Ducky (new)
  6. Cat (2013 induction)
  7. Penguin (original)
  8. Battleship (original)

What I found interesting is the amount of animal tokens present for a game about property. If you want them for yourself, they will be included in the game from September of this year. Otherwise, you can buy Monopoly Token Madness, which allows you to move around the board using one of the 8 current tokens, or choose one of the 8 golden tokens that are featured in this edition of the game. The golden tokens include the penguin, a television, a race car, the Mr. Monopoly emoji, the rubber duck, a watch, a wheel and a bunny slipper.

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