Nintendo has just revealed in detail the contents of the first DLC pack, “The Master Trials,” for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Due out this (Northern Hemisphere) summer, the package adds new modes to the game, a Hero’s Path to let you see where you have (and haven’t) explored on the map, a Travel Medallion, and new armor. For those who have finished the game and may be running out of things to do, this DLC will bring some new adventures to Hyrule. DLC Pack 1 is the first of two DLC packages that Nintendo has announced so far.

The DLC contains a Hard Mode in which all of the enemies have been leveled up, and they will gradually regain health if you don’t take them out quickly enough. Enemies and treasure chests will appear in the sky on floating platforms, so you’ll need to stay alert from all angles.

The “Trial of the Sword” is a new challenge that appears to be unlocked with the Master Sword in the Korok Forest. This challenge has Link starting out with no equipment or weapons and facing wave after wave of enemies. When all of the enemies in one room have been defeated, Link can continue to the next room, and there will be 45 rooms in total. Once the entire challenge has been beaten, the “true power” of the Master Sword will awaken, where it will always glow.

This challenge sounds a lot like the Savage Labyrinth or Cave of Ordeals from previous Legend of Zelda games, but having to begin it with no armor or weapons is reminiscent of Eventide Island, one of the most fun challenges in Breath of the Wild.

The Hero’s Path is a mode that will track Link’s location on the map for the past 200 hours of gameplay, allowing players to see where they have and have not explored. When the DLC is activated, it will show the areas explored in the 200 hours prior to activation, assuming the game goes back that far. I think that this is going to be very useful for tracking down shrines, Koroks, and the overworld boss enemies such as Taluses, Hinoxes, and Moldugas.

A Travel Medallion will be able to be found somewhere in the world in a treasure chest. With this, players can set their current location as a fast travel point on the map. You will only be able to register one location at a time with this medallion, and I see it being great for farming items.

One of the most fun parts of Breath of the Wild is finding all of the various armor pieces that Link can wear. These range from being incredibly useful to downright silly, and the DLC will add more. Eight new treasure chests will be added, containing armor that is themed after past Legend of Zelda games. You’ll be able to dress Link up as a Phantom or everyone’s favorite(?) fairy man, Tingle. (It’s unclear what the set bonus of that particular outfit will be!)

One piece of armor that will definitely come in handy is the Korok Mask, which will let players know when they’re near a hidden Korok. Considering that there are 900 Koroks in the game, and some of them are very easy to miss, this mask will be very useful.

I’m pretty excited about this DLC package. Prior to this announcement I was mostly looking forward to the second pack, which promises a new story and dungeon, but after hearing about this one I think there are a lot of good things in it. If you were to start a brand new playthrough of the game, you’ll get an awful lot out of the DLC, but even if you don’t it sounds like there’s a fair bit of new content to have fun with.

The second DLC Pack is due out during the holiday season and will contain a new story, a new dungeon, and even more challenges, which Nintendo will detail later in the year. Both DLC packs can be purchased together via an Expansion Pass for USD$19.99/AUD$30, which as a bonus unlocks a few extra items on the Great Plateau at the time of purchase.

Finally, unrelated to the DLC, Nintendo has just made a multi-language audio patch available in the game, allowing players to change the voice language within the game without needing to change their system settings.

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