Television gets bigger and better every year: more shows, more providers, and bigger budgets, and 2017 was no exception to this. The dawn of a new year is the perfect opportunity to look back at what we watched during the year, before we start getting excited for the new shows and seasons of 2018. Here are the Bomb Squad’s favorite TV shows of 2017.


GLOW came out of left field and won me over so quickly. It has an amazing cast of actors who portray lovable but faulted characters. Alison Brie kills it as the lead, and the previously unknown to me Marc Maron is fantastic as the washed-up director trying to turn his and the cast’s luck around. Do yourself a favor and check it out.


Legion for sure! Legion was different, bold, magical, yet relatable. It tackled mental illness in a way that captured it in a package that the general public could take. Acting was brilliant, and I’m still so shocked that Aubrey Plaza wasn’t nominated for her performance! It was unapologetic, raw and powerful! More please!


This is SO difficult to choose, as there’s been some brilliant stuff come out of the woodwork this year. I would have to say that I thoroughly have enjoyed The Good Place, Mindhunter, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Star Trek: Discovery. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!


TWIN PEAKS. IT’S TWIN PEAKS. Of course, it’s Twin Peaks. It will always be Twin Peaks. It was by no means a perfect series but the mere return of this iconic fable to our small screens and Lynch’s incomparable knack of freaking the absolute shit out of his viewers sets this show head and shoulders above the rest of releases this year. Getting answers to questions some of the world has waited 25 years for is truly incredible. It will never happen again. No one will ever be as patient as Twin Peaks fans in this instant-gratification-capitalist-hell we call the present.


The best shit I watched in 2017 had to be The Leftovers. The thought-provoking HBO series started in 2014 and ran for 3 seasons until the thrilling and satisfying end in June of this year. It is easily one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. The acting is next level, and it is a show that you can interpret any way you want, just for yourself. I would fully recommend it, just be prepared for something unlike you’ve ever seen.


Usually when I’d pick a “favorite” TV show, I’d choose something I enjoyed the heck out of watching. I didn’t always enjoy watching The Handmaid’s Tale, but it completely captivated me. It was hard to watch at times, particularly the first few episodes where I found I needed to take a break in between each one. Yet it was powerful, thought provoking, and the performances from the cast exceptional. I want to know what will happen next, and I really, really want to see Gilead overthrown, because boy, is it a horrible place.

What did you enjoy watching in 2017? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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