The recent Game Awards awarded The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as Game of the Year for 2017, which was just one of a slew of excellent games released this year. Before we move into 2018 and begin to anticipate a new year of gaming, the Bomb Squad wanted to reflect on our favorite games from the past year.


Persona 5 didn’t just meet every expectation I had, it smashed them. From its cast of amazingly written and designed characters to the unique premise, Persona 5 delivered an experience like no other RPG has ever done. I’m currently planning to give the game another run, and it’s just as exciting as the first time I played.


I know that I’ve said Overwatch in my Instagram PWRd’s so many times, but I can’t stray from tradition too much! I will say though that the arcade mode Mayhem has been my delightful go-to this year, at least when it was an available mode to play. I can’t help it! It just taps into the inner troll in me and it’s just delightful to play Sombra because of the quicker cooldown.


I can’t and won’t stop playing Overwatch; I can’t get enough of it!


Being on the very very very (several more very’s) fringe of the gaming community, literally only through knowing gamers and reading what we cover at Geek Bomb, means I don’t often get an opportunity to try out or talk about new games but it is absolutely without a doubt Mario Odyssey that takes the top spot for me this year. I dabble, I guess, with consoles but always find myself falling back into the comfortable arms of Nintendo, and Mario Odyssey did everything to wrap my overworked, stress-riddled mind in fluffy nostalgic blankets of color and adventure. Playing it was like taking my bra off after a long day at work: purest bliss.


Didn’t play many games this year, but right at the end, I picked up a Switch and Mario Odyssey. It punched me in the face so hard with nostalgia. It’s amazing to have a new console that is both a Game Boy and a NES with “cartridges”! Mario Odyssey is beautifully made, and the new dynamics added to it make it super fun and different from past games. Granted, the last Mario game I played was Mario 64. I can’t wait to see what else comes out for the Switch in 2018!


I spent most of my gaming time in 2017 with Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch. It had a string of strong titles during the year, but my favorite by far was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I’m a lifelong Zelda fan, and Breath of the Wild has finally surpassed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as my all-time favorite game. I had felt that the series was becoming too linear, hand holding, and formulaic, and Breath of the Wild flipped Zelda on its head, returning to its roots of exploration and throwing players into a world where they are free to do whatever they want. There’s no one way to anything, and exploration and experimentation is everything. The amount of sheer joy I felt while playing this game is something I haven’t felt for a long time in a game.

What was your game of 2017? Talk about it in the comments below.

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