Marvel’s The Defenders has, at extremely long last, made its way to our Netflix libraries and we couldn’t be happier. Though the super-sized superhero series gets off to a rough start, given that the foursome at the narrative’s center isn’t universally keen on joining forces or making “super-friends,” Matt Murdock, Danny Rand, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage realize that things are better when they’re together — and it’s only through their teaming up that they can ever hope to win the War for New York.

With sinister antagonists threatening to take a bite out of the Big Apple, ancient remnants of fearsome creatures resting beneath the city streets, and a mysterious, wiser-than-you-can-imagine martial arts master attempting to lead the way, Marvel’s The Defenders is crazy epic and worthy of celebration.

Which is exactly what we’ve done here at Geek Bomb. We’re back again with another round of pop culture-inspired cocktails, this time focusing on the diligent and dependable Defenders, of course.

Whether you’re prepping to start your binge-watching session just now or if you’re waist-deep in an epic Defenders marathon, gather your ingredients, load up Netflix, and climb into the Bomb Shelter with us. Delicious Defenders drinks are just a credits scene away. 


Matt Murdock may be missing the sense of sight, but he more than makes up for it in other arenas. He’s got heart, humor, and heat-seeking perception down pat, all of which make him one of the most un-mess-with-able characters in the Marvel universe. For Daredevil’s drink, scotch whiskey lays the ground work for Matt’s centered and almost unshakable spirit: tough and unwavering. Toss in the tangy lemon and blood orange juice for a bit of that classic Matt Murdock wit, then top everything up with bright red Bénédictine and cherry liqueur so your enemies know you mean business.

Iron Fist

Sort-of bad boy Buddhist and martial arts prodigy Danny Rand holds a universe worth of power in the palm of his hand. Literally. Absinthe and mint evoke the strength of Iron Fist’s all-too-real knuckle sandwiches, and the pineapple, lime, and fruity soft drink remind you of his cushy, illustrious familial background. Our version of the Iron Fist cocktail is sort of like a mojito — just cranked up to the next next level. Because who would the billionaire superhero be if he wasn’t a little extra? 

Jessica Jones

Sweet, sassy, and seriously badass Jessica holds a special place in many Marvel fans’ hearts. And despite her punky attitude and slight pessimism, she puts the “happy” in “happy hour,” a quality befitting of a drink that’ll turn you inside out in a similar fashion. With a triple dose of commanding tangs of bourbon whiskey, coffee liqueur, and orange bitters, the Jessica Jones will have you feeling like you can destroy a thousand Kilgraves — with enough energy to grab a late-night slice of pizza and head back for round two. 

Luke Cage

Built like a brick and never one to back down, Luke Cage is a hero of action who gets down to brass tacks fast. Lager and ginger beer balance each other for smooth greeting — much like Luke’s a no-muss, no-fuss attitude — but the scotch whiskey brings a hook of heat only rivaled by our hero’s tank-like biceps themselves.

The Defenders Jug

When the Defenders combine their fine-tuned skills and out-of-this-world powers, things get potent. Armoured-up flavours like the anise of absinthe and the bitter zizz of pomegranate mirror the group’s formidable fervor, all blended up with the the sweetness of blueberries and elderflower liqueur that parallel the Defenders’ ability to pack a punch when you least expect it.

Let us know which drinks you whipped up in celebration of Marvel’s The Defenders

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