The last episode of The 100 was explosive (literally), but this week’s episode dipped back into less-than-exciting territory. That isn’t to say this episode wasn’t good, but it certainly doesn’t hold up when you consider how dramatic things have been. I am beginning to tire of watching every single attempt they make to save themselves falling flat. Maybe because the plans don’t just fall flat, they completely blow up in their faces. Roan even says “What could possibly go wrong?” as they take off to deliver ten barrels of hydrazine to Raven and Abby so they can travel to space. On a hundred-year-old rocket. I’m not saying it was a bad plan, but I am pretty happy that it doesn’t seem possible by the end of the episode.

This episode seems to be written to put my two favourite characters through the ringer. Both Octavia and Raven really struggle through this one. Raven’s fragile mental state is worsened as she pushes herself to master the safe landing of the aforementioned hundred-year-old rocket. Octavia is still recovering from her nearly dying, but she’s also spiraling out of control; she lets her rage take over until it becomes too much and turns into grief and shame. Kane does his best to maintain order, but his people are out for Ilian’s (Chai Hansen) blood, and Octavia is more than happy to facilitate. Mob mentality is very dangerous, especially in an end-of-the-world-type scenario, so watching Kane try to derail the crowd’s bloodlust was interesting. Talking Octavia down by using parallels between that situation and Lincoln’s execution was harsh but effective. It seems that O will now be living the lone wolf lifestyle as she takes off running after deciding not to kill Ilian. Octavia also gave her brother quite the verbal slap, telling him she blames him for Lincoln’s death and the only reason he is still alive is because he is her brother. Ouch. Talk about hostile sibling relations.

Raven, Murphy and Luna were my favourite part of this episode. Murphy and Raven have a storied past that makes it difficult for them to work together, but Luna’s calming energy does wonders. We also got some long overdue backstory for Luna, not a lot but enough to know that she is capable of ruthlessness. I am very into the blooming friendship between Luna and Raven. That probably means one of them is going to die soon; this show doesn’t allow good things to last. It was painful to watch Raven getting more and more frustrated, but not nearly as painful as watching her fall to the floor, a seizure ripping through her body. This show doesn’t shy away from killing off main characters, plus we had that near miss with Octavia, so I feel like something bad is on the horizon for the plucky mechanic.

This season hasn’t been the strongest; there have been so many disappointments and not enough payoff to really keep me interested. I’d hoped we would have at least gotten some awkward and/or prolonged hugging between Bell and Clarke — something, anything to feed my pathetic shipper soul. They even teased at it towards the end of the episode. Bell was ready to say a “just in case” goodbye to Clarke that I am willing to bet would have included some kind of fumbled hug. I did, however, get my wish for more Niylah (Jessica Harmon), so I shouldn’t complain. Clarke also appears to have no complaints about more Niylah, if you catch my drift. By the end of the episode, things have gotten much worse for everyone, and we are left wondering if Raven will make it to the end of the next episode, let alone the end of the season.

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