Hello once again, fellow geeks! It’s a new day and a new adventure, but instead of saving the world from Brainiac, this time we were tasked with saving the world from the spread of the T-Virus.

Mickey and I had the joy of being invited to a Resident Evil-themed Escape The Room for the release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. They had Resident Evil 7 out for people to play on VR and a selection of drinks to “prepare” us for the horror adventure that we had ahead of us.

After we grabbed some dutch courage, we were introduced to a third member of our team who was immediately made the team leader for the simple fact that neither I nor Mickey had ever done an Escape The Room, so we’d totally bring the team to its doom.

Tensions were rising as one of the scientists from Umbrella Corp was giving us a run down of what our mission was. The goal was to solve all the puzzles in the room in order to get the cure for the T-Virus, but if we came across any of the undead, we would have to distract them either with light or with human flesh. We were also handed a walkie talkie to contact the outside world if we needed any help solving one of the puzzle, which, trust me, we would.

After that talk, it was time to get thrown into Umbrella Corp. Right outside the entrance was another Umbrella scientist telling us how important this mission was. He handed to me a silver metal case with the Umbrella logo on it. The scientist opened the door to the lab, and we went in. With doors shut behind us, noises blasted ’round the room. Everything was pitch black.

All of sudden, we heard the Red Queen on the PA system basically saying that if we don’t solve this room we’re all going to die. I noticed a glowing circular panel on the wall. Immediately, like a curious kitten, I began to mess with it. Out of nowhere, it turned green. A mild bit of power was restored to the room, so it was no longer completely pitch black (but it was still pretty dark!).

The team started looking around the room to see what there was. Around the corners of the wall are numbers, shapes and arrows. Dotted around the room are various warning signs. In one corner, I found a hand, which comes as no surprise because it’s the zombie apocalypse and all. In the hand’s palm was a coin with the words “chain reaction” written on it.

Eventually, someone on the other end of the walkie talkie told us that we had to use the coin on the panel in the corner of the room. We placed it on the red circle, and we had to mimic the pattern it produces. After a few attempts, we finally got the pattern right and a panel with several key cards came out of the wall.

We took to keycards out and then began searching around the room to see where they could go. Quickly, we found a panel in the wall for the keycards. We placed them all in and it lit up a machine that was on the other side of the room. At this point, I remembered I was still holding this mysterious metal case. The outside world hailed us again, telling us that there was a key to the case in one of the pipes. We started messing around the pipes, and boom — the team leader found the key.

We opened up the case to find a compass and another smaller metal case with the word “NEWS” on it. It was padlocked. The padlock had arrows on it, so the way to unlock it was putting in the current pattern. We then remembered the arrows that were dotted around the corners of the room. In a totally random order, we started putting it in. Eventually, we realised that the compass must help us somehow with this. Then it hit us: The word “NEWS” was North East West South. That was the order of the arrows in the corners of the room. We whacked in the combination and the lock opened up.

Inside this tiny little case was a metal ball. We turned back over to the machine that was lit up earlier and we saw that the metal ball was missing. We rolled the ball into the machine through the pipes, and then we had to use the metal arm in there to put it in the right place. On one side of the machine was one joystick and on the other side were two more. We had to use these joysticks together in order get the metal arm to put the ball in the right position. We figured out the controls and solved it like there was no tomorrow. All of a sudden, another metal case was dropped from the sealing above.

Inside this new metal case was a tablet and a torch. The friendly neighbourhood scientist came through the walkie talkie again, telling us we needed to point the tablet’s camera at the warning posters to get some hidden messages. We also noticed a new keypad on the wall had emerge.

To summarise this next section, math was involved. All of us were terrible at math, so in the end (after much laughter from the scientist), we were just given the key combination…

Anyway, Bob’s your uncle and the huge brick wall moved out of the way to reveal a door. We ran through it as quickly as possible, only to be greeted by a zombie. Quickly, we scurried back out and the team leader (what a guy) remembered the hand from earlier and used that to distract the zombie.

After the zombie was distracted, we ran back through the door into a small corridor. There was a hole in the wall with a small circular cog. We were told through the walkie that one of us was going to have to get back out there. I volunteered to be tribute because heck, I wanted to solve this bad boy and also be buds with the zombie.

I ran out there and saw a circular hole in the wall that this cog could fit. I quickly grabbed the hand and threw it again to distract the zombie. I ran to the wall, put in the cog and started turning the lever, which powered up a button in the corridor. Mickey hit the button and then the door was locked. Mickey was trapped and I didn’t even realise that the team leader followed me out! She was all alone in a dark corridor.

A panel near the entrance displayed a letter combination. Each letter was for a colour:  R=Red, Y=Yellow, G=Green and B=Blue. Immediately next to this panel was another panel for us to input the colour combination. I quickly hit it in, and Mickey was freed. I ran back into the corridor to see a metal case on the ground. I opened it and there was the cure to the T-Virus.

We made our way over to the main entrance and the scientist opened up the door — but there was a catch. A laser grid was now activated. It was flickering on and off, so we had to time when to run out. The team leader did it flawlessly, but Mickey and I were zapped.

Technically we died, but this is our story. We control the narrative. We heroically dodged the lasers, made it out of the room and saved the world from the T-Virus. Team Geek Bomb, the Justice League of today’s world.

This amazingly fun event was all to celebrate the Blu-ray and DVD release of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, which is available to buy on June 12.

Check out some of the clips from the adventure that we took for Instagram:

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