It’s here. It’s finally here, the much-anticipated first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I knew the teaser was being released on Friday/Saturday, but had no idea it would be released while I was sleeping down here in Australia. It was a nice surprise, nevertheless, waking up to the news. Honestly, I was so excited about watching it that I forgot to breathe.  Luckily, the first words uttered in the teaser were “Breathe, just breathe.” Coincidence? I think not.

The unveiling happened during the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida, and you could hear the gasps around the world as everyone tuned in to watch. So, whether you have or haven’t watched it yet, check out the teaser below:

“What do you see?” I saw a Harry Potter-themed opening that introduces Rey (Daisy Ridley) as the “chosen one.” Instead of scenic shots of a magical castle, we are shown a secluded island — the same one Rey ends up on in Episode VII. Amongst those introductory scenes, we hear Luke (Mark Hamill) in the background saying, “Breathe, just breathe.” I am not sure whether those words were for Rey or every viewer watching the teaser. Then there’s the moment Luke said, “Reach out.” I’m not sure about you, but my eyes were definitely reaching out *cue the cartoonish eyes*With my eyes completely glued to my screen, I hear Luke ask, “What do you see?” Rey replies with three things: “light, darkness and balance.” When she says “light,” we see an image of General Leia (the late Carrie Fisher). When she says “darkness,” we see a smashed and smoky Kylo Ren mask, and when she says “balance,” we are shown a starry symbol. A symbol that looks eerily like the film’s recently-released poster. Check them out below:From the above images, I’m guessing Luke is the light, Kylo Ren is the darkness and Rey is the balance between the two. Could this be a main plot point and the reason this film is titled The Last Jedi?

I’m getting too carried away. Let’s get back to Rey’s training. She’s training on the island with her green lightsaber before we are introduced to a new location. Blue skies and arid land are shown as new spacecrafts are seen kicking up red ash as they attack AT-ATs. War is imminent, and several battle scenes are flashed on our screens. We see with Finn (John Boyega) in what looks to be a Passenger or Mass Effect: Andromeda-style healing chamber. Poe (Oscar Isaac) runs with BB-8 before an explosion destroys a dormant spacecraft in front of them. And in the skies, the Millennium Falcon is attacking the enemies. We also see Rey running with a blue lightsaber. Is that an upgrade? Is Rey officially a Jedi? Finally, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) appears and an image of a burning building is shown. It appears Luke and R2D2 are the ones watching this happen. Then, we hear the words that stopped everything, the words that made my jaw hit the floor: “It is time for the Jedi to end.” End? End what? The amount of theories and time I have spent trying to figure it out has got me like:So, I’m going to pass it over to the rest of the Bomb Squad to share their reactions.

Ryan That gorgeous poster actually pumped me up more than the trailer did. Super excited, nonetheless!

Julia – *string of incoherent noises* So much is happening! Can’t waaaaaaait!

Mickey We’re gonna get answers. I’m gonna lose my mind.

Ceilidh I’m excited about the movie, but this trailer did nothing to stoke the fires.

BradNot enough to really go on yet, but I like the poster. Luke seems pretty upset for a dude that lives in a beautiful waterfront cave.

Alana The musical cues are insanely clever and make me think this film will create significant ties between characters and themes. I love that Rey looks fiercer than Kylo, and I’m hoping that she’ll use her Jedi training in morally ambiguous ways. Goddamn, Luke is back! I’m ready for this film now, thanks.

Zhiana That last line literally made the hairs on my arm stand up. Ahhhh.

Describe your reaction or thoughts about the teaser trailer below.

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