A trailer like this could not have come at a better time.

Days ahead of the official launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Electronic Arts have unveiled a brand-new live-action trailer for the action shooter title.

The clip features two children–one who prefers the Empire and the other, the Rebel Alliance–growing up right alongside one another as neighbors. But as they grow older, their rivalry becomes increasingly tense and hostile, reaching a breaking point that thrusts them into the Star Wars Battlefront II setting to face off against one another in an electrified final showdown.

While what’s shown in the trailer is, of course, not actual gameplay footage, it certainly conveys the vibe that will be present in Star Wars Battlefront II and promises that the tension between the two sides will be palpable in the game.

The release of this new footage comes in the midst of some seriously heated controversy regarding the game’s microtransactions (the game has effectively employed a pay-to-win system) and how EA is handling community concerns and relations, and though it may not squash any beef that exists between player, developer, and corporation, it certainly serves as a nice slice of distraction.

Catch the trailer below.

Star Wars Battlefront II will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 17.

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