Razer Adaro Stereo Headphones Review

If you’ve spent any time in my gaming-lair (aka bedroom), you’d quickly realise that I’m a bit of a Razer fangirl, I have the Blackwidow mechanical keyboard, a Naga MMO mouse and over the years more than a couple of sets of Razer headphones. But my love of these products is not without good reason, every single one of these peripherals has lasted me at least 2 years of heavy use, they feel great, have great performance and have all of the features I need for my style of gaming.

Razer are now moving away from purely gaming headsets with the new Adaro range. As someone who is passionate about both gaming and music this was incredibly exciting news to hear, especially as my current Razer Electra and Kraken headsets are my two favourite headsets for music as well as gaming.

There are four different designs in the new range, the Adaro In-Ear analogue earphones, the Wireless Bluetooth headphones, the DJ Analog headphones and the pair I had the opportunity to try out, the Adaro Stereo Analogue headphones.


 The headphones themselves are lightweight but sturdy, the padding feels great and it’s got a solid support structure throughout. I was incredibly surprised at just how light the headphones are, making them incredibly comfortable for extended use. They’re compact but still big enough that the leatherette ear cushions fit comfortably over my ears, I can’t imagine any head shapes that these wouldn’t be suitable for.

rzr_adaro_stereos_05The design is a lot less flashy than other Razer products, it’s a very sleek black design with the signature green cable. I’m a fan of the flashy green but if you don’t like parading that around these are definitely more discrete.

On to the most important point, sound quality. These headphones pack a punch, they produce an incredible amount of sound for such a small pair of headphones and the quality is unreal. The audio is clean and crisp and the bass levels rival any larger over-ear headphones i’ve used.

The only issue I had in terms of sound is that they don’t do a great job of limiting the spread of the sound outside of the headphones, cranking them up to anything higher than a third of the way in public is going to cause significant noise pollution for anyone around you, not ideal for the daily commute.

Overall Razer has impressed me yet again with an incredibly well-thought out product, not only is the audio superb but the portability makes them the perfect choice for music on the go. If you’re looking for a pair of headphone sot supplement that bulky headset you keep on your desk at home then this range is definitely the go.

The full range of Adaro headphones will be available in Australian retail stores within the next few months and are available for purchase online now for AU$149.95. You can check out all of the info and specs here!

Tara Stuart is a writer and film student. Her passion for all things geeky started at an early age with her love of Miyazaki movies, sci-fi and an addiction to Pokemon. Now a full blown obsession, you'll rarely find her without a controller in hand. Whether it be RPG, FPS or something in between, Tara's the go-to for all things gaming. Twitter: @tazpants


  1. Marcus Townsend (Burasuta) says:

    Yup, I’m also in the market for a new gaming Headset! My Razer Megalodon Headset also got fried with my PC (the only peripheral to survive was my naga mouse.) I’ve been considering the Astro A50 headset (have you tried them?) as a replacement. Your article has made me add the Adaro as a consideration when I decide on a replacement.

  2. Paula says:

    Would you say that the sound is pretty well balanced? I listen to a variety of music in addition to doing a fair bit of gaming and video watching, and I’m looking for headphones that are well balanced and not too heavy in the bass. I like to be able to hear all the levels without the bass drowning everything out, and I just wanted to see how balanced these are. Thanks for your review.

    • Taz Taz says:

      Hey Paula! The bass is a little bit higher than an average pair of headphones, razer headsets/headphones always lean that way, but it’s definitely not too much, it doesn’t flood the headphones like some of those Beats sets. I listen to a range of music, from jazz to acoustic to heavy rock and all of these played really well.
      If you’re concerned with having the levels EXACTLY equal then i’d say these aren’t for you, but the extra bass isn’t overwhelming and only became detectable in songs with A LOT of bass.
      Hope that helped!

      • jason says:


        AND VOLUME

  3. ntshere says:

    Excellent review but Taz you should also check out that one:

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