Today, nerds ’round the world are coming together to celebrate Pokemon Day, to honor their valiant efforts to be the very best, like no one ever was. We here at Geek Bomb are absolutely no exception to this seemingly universal excitement. It’s hardly a secret that the majority of the Bomb Squad have been hunting those little pocket monsters since before they knew basic arithmetic, and have continued their love affair with the creature-catching game well into their 20s and 30s.

To recognize this great geeky holiday, I asked my fellow Squad members a few questions (for a Q and AJ, heck yeah!) about their relationship with the franchise, where it sits now and what how they’d like to see it grow in years to come. Strap in and see what they said.

What’s your earliest memory of Pokemon?

Which generation/version of Pokemon did you play first?

Absolute favorite Pokemon, and why? (Yes, really only one. I’m evil.)

What would you love to see happen for the franchise in the future?

Neek Woman 

Pokemon? Yeah, I know Pokemon, who doesn’t? I’ve seen the show… well, clips of the show. I’ve played the games… well, a few minutes of them. I’ve got my favourites… OK, I only know Pikachu.) Pokemon is an incredible franchise loved my millions around the world (and my house — damn, so many hunters around my area). Happy Pokemon Day!


Earliest memory? Christmas morning 1998. Santa Claus (my incredible parents) got me a pink GameBoy Colour and Pokemon Blue. I played that cartridge like the world was going to end, hardly stopping for anything! I even remember pressing my whole body and face against the car door one night, trying to use the passing street lights as illumination on my screen so I could catch an Onyx. My mother bought me one of those clip-on light thingies after she noticed the big smudge on the passenger window where my face had been smooshed up against it in sweaty 9-year-old desperation.

Favourite Pokemon? Psyduck. Easily. That weird, neurotic, sound sensitive sleepy head speaks to my very soul.


What’s your earliest memory of Pokemon? My absolute earliest memory of Pokemon is playing Pokemon pretend during recess in 2nd grade. A classmate of mine was a trainer and I was prancing around Mew. It was after I had seen the Pokemon: The First Movie, so I was incredibly into Mew. In all honesty, I know that watching the movie should be my first memory, but I don’t remember actually watching it. I just know I have because the VCR used to be at my childhood home, so it’s just sound logic that I’ve seen it.

Absolute favorite Pokemonand why? (You absolute sadist, AJ.) Bulbasaur! Because I honestly love succulents and the idea of a little, cute Pokemon succulent existing just makes me so delightfully happy. Also, funny story: I’m actually insanely terrified of frogs, so when I was told that Bulbasaur was a frog from a close friend of mine, I almost cried. I had always assumed that it was a little plant turtle-cat! And that’s what it is! What frog? It’s not a frog! Pfffft! *skips away blissfully in ignorance*

What would you love to see happen for the franchise in the future? This is probably a super random thing to ask for, but in the Japanese Pokemon stores called Pokemon Centers, they have a line of plushies based off of what Dittos look like mimicking other Pokemon and it’s the derpiest, cutest thing. I have the Bulbasaur Ditto, but it’d be kind of amazing to see more. Please?


What’s your earliest memory of Pokemon? I remember when they started to become really popular and I started seeing them in shops and catalogs. I was at the age where I thought they looked like they were trying to be too cute, and were really childish, so I thought they were silly.

Which generation/version of Pokemon did you play first? I started with the first generation, but I was actually introduced to them through Super Smash Bros. on the N64. As I mentioned, I thought that they looked silly, and so I started off having a lot of fun beating the crap out of Pikachu and Jigglypuff, and then something inside me began to change and started to like them.

Absolute favorite Pokemonand why? Jigglypuff. I initially thought that a cute, pink, round ball was the silliest idea for a “monster” but after playing Smash Bros. Jigglypuff is my favorite Pokemon by far. And it’s really cute in the cartoon with the way it draws on people who falls asleep listening to its singing.

What would you love to see happen for the franchise in the future? It was amazing seeing how mainstream Pokemon became during Pokemon GO last year. I’d love to see tons of Pokemon merchandise out in the wild, or the Pokemon Centers in Japan expand around the world.


What’s your earliest memory of Pokemon? I remember pretty much forcing my mother to take me and my sister to the movies to see Pokemon: The First Movie. I’d only just started watching the show, given I was in probably the 2nd grade at the time, but I’d been absolutely hooked and the chance to get an exclusive Mewtwo trading card was one I was not gonna pass up. In hindsight, this all was a bad idea because the film itself pretty much stank. Thank goodness for the video games, though!

Which generation/version of Pokemon did you play first? I got Pokemon Gold for GameBoy Colour on Christmas Day 2000, and I remember it so vividly. These new Pokemon that I had never seen — it was like discovering the original 150 all over again! I defeated Johto but never made it back to Kanto.

Absolute favorite Pokemon, and why? Mr. Mime. A particularly underrated Psychic Pokemon, if you ask me. Mimic is such a decent move.

What would you love to see happen for the franchise in the future? I feel like more public exposure for the games would be excellent. I say this because I remember how shopping centres all over the world were offering the chance to secure a rare Pokemon during Gold/Silver’s lifetime. That was Celebi and I paraded him around like he was the biggest thing to happen to the game, much like I assume many other kids did. It’s this hype and exposure that is probably lost due to wifi connectivity allowing wireless transfers of Pokemon, but things like that will no doubt attract the newest generation of fans for years to come.


My earliest memory of Pokemon would be watching the series with my brother. It’s one of the few things we’re still able to bond over. The animated series was like a gateway drug to me. It snowballed me into playing the video game and collecting the trading cards. I honestly still have my binder full of cards. Of course, the holograms are in the back of the catalogue as my prized possessions. (Shiny Charizard, duh!)

Speaking of the video game, I, of course, owned both Red and Blue… and then Yellow, if you want to loop that into the first generation. Blue was my favourite because it’s my favourite colour. Plus that, I beat the Elite Four for the first time in that version.


It was Christmas 1998. My eldest brother got a Gameboy Colour and Pokemon Blue. But I got Pokemon Red, no Gameboy. Very interesting to figure out sharing on that one! Since then, I had Yellow, Silver, Diamond, Soul Silver, White 2, and Y.

Out of all those Pokemon, I have to say I’m all for Eevee and the eeveelutions! I had a dog called Bella and she reminded me of Eevee.

I thought the Pokemon Go going into augmented reality on the phone was a really good move. But what if it was bigger than the phone? What if you could play with/train Pokemon in augmented reality in actual size, in an actual room?

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