Before you read Outcast Season 2, Episode 9 “This is How it Starts,” catch up on the previous episode, “Mercy.”

Outcast – Episode 209 “This Is How It Starts”

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So, this is how it starts (I just had to do it. Sorry, not sorry.)

Dr. Park (Hoon Lee) is getting out of the shower. Drying himself, he stands in front of his mirror and notices a bruise developing on his chest. Only it’s not a bruise, it’s a gash. He grabs a knife, and for some reason decides it’s a great idea to open the wound further. Clearly, his “thing” can’t handle the human suit, because as he cuts, black stuff spurts out. Poor possessed soul.

Meanwhile, everything seems to be back to normal for Byron Giles (Reg E. Cathey). He is making breakfast for his wife, Rose (Charmin Lee), and before he finishes the morning ensemble, he goes outside to grab a beautiful white flower. This calm moment is cut short by the discovery of Chief Nunez’ bloody badge on the front lawn. Just then, Giles is reminded of the events that transpired the night before. However, he is determined to move forward and takes the breakfast platter upstairs to Rose. She isn’t there, which panics him. Instead, she’s outside in their backyard digging a grave. It’s clear Rose isn’t coping with the Merge or the fact she was forced to kill her best friend. Giles notices she is beginning to burn up and tells her to take it easy and retire upstairs.After an episode unseen, Allison Barnes (Kate Lyn Sheil) and her daughter, Amber Barnes (Madeleine McGraw), are back, and in a motel room. They are finally bonding after months of being apart. A person knocks on the door. At first, they’re reluctant to open, but find out it’s only Bob (M.C. Gainey) with food and supplies. He assures them that Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) will visit in due course, but until then, they must stay put.

Kyle and John Anderson (Philip Glenister) are still in the barn over at the Lighthouse with Sidney, trying desperately to get information out of him. Even with his injuries and his weakened human host, Sidney is still arrogant. He toys with Kyle, suggesting that he didn’t come to Rome for him. At this point, Kyle is furious and demands Sidney start telling the truth. Kyle even goes as far as touching Sidney’s crucifix-carved chest with his “powerful” touch. Sidney begins to say that Kyle and Amber aren’t the only beacons in town, but before he can say more, Kyle’s phone rings.Meanwhile above ground, Megan Holter (Wrenn Schmidt) wakes up in the trailer to find the midwife dead — and no Blake Morrow (Lee Tergesen) in sight. Just as she’s about to leave, Dakota (Madelyn Deutch) senses something is wrong and enters the trailer to find her friend laying on the ground. Dakota instantly points the finger at Megan and runs off.

Byron is worried for Rosie, who’s showing symptoms of becoming possessed. He’s the one who called Kyle, asking for assistance. Rosie knows what this means and requests that Giles ties her up, just in case. Kyle is on his way, driving down the street. He stops at a set of lights when his car suddenly stops. For some reason, it’s out of gas. Curious, Kyle gets out of his car to investigate and finds a knife jammed in his gas pipe. It was Blake, who knocks Kyle to the ground. Looks like Allison and Amber will have to wait a little longer.

In the meantime, Allison asks Amber to tell her more about the “monsters.” Amber clarifies for her mother that she doesn’t love her father more, she loves them both equally. The beacon side of Kyle is what connects her to her father, that’s why it seems she prefers her father.

Megan tries to explain what happened to Dakota, but she won’t listen. Anderson intervenes and reveals the truth of who Blake really is. Dakota panics, believing Megan has ruined everything for “her” people. Anderson and Megan discover that the people at the Lighthouse are a type of cult and that Dakota is leading them all in preparation for doomsday: the Apocalypse.

With the tables turned, Blake tries to speed up Kyle’s waking-up process. He’s pissed off with Kyle, the man Blake believes ruined his life. An unhinged Blake begins strangling Kyle.

Back at the motel, Allison asks if Amber wants pizza for dinner. But first, Allison decides she is going to have a shower, leaving Amber alone in the front room. OK, this is the only time the Outcast writers have made a mistake. This scene felt incomplete or just forced. The fact that Allison went from making a point about ordering pizza then ditching the idea altogether and just going in the shower. Why couldn’t she have just ordered the pizza and then gone in the shower? The next scene would have flowed better because instead of housekeeping knocking at the door, it could have been the “pizza delivery” person. And if such a smart little girl is aware of the Merge, why would she willingly unlock the front door? It just doesn’t make sense.

Moving on, the Outcast team got back to their usual creative genius with the transition to the next scene.Amber heads towards the door, unlocking it. The sound of her mother’s shower gets louder as it cuts to Blake washing his face. He’s back in a dream sequence — once again, like the next version of the dream sequence from Mass Effect. Coming out of the dream, Blake starts trashing the joint. He believes that Amber is the light, the one that will help the Merge happen. Kyle is not going to let that happen; he fights his way out of the handcuffs. The two get into a vicious fight with neither of them winning. Blake escapes.

Now that Kyle is free, he might be able to make it to Rose in time. Giles is downstairs washing up when he hears a noise coming from upstairs. He rushes into Rosie’s room to find it empty and the window open. He screams out her name, thinking she has escaped. Only she had just gone to the bathroom. She seems happy. A little too happy. But all concern is dropped when it’s revealed that she just as the flu. All that worry may have been for nothing this time, but who knows if next time she will be so lucky. For now, Giles just wants to get back to normal and offers to cook Rosie up something special.

Another person wanting to get normalcy back is Megan. She has collected her daughter, Holly Holter (Callie Brook McClincy), and has decided to leave. Anderson catches up with Megan and she tells him not to make her stay. In fact, he wants her to get as far away from town as possible, leaving everyone behind to protect herself.

Elsewhere at the Lighthouse, a man from the cult visits Sidney. He has food and prepares to spoon feed, but Sidney refuses. He wants to be given some of his dignity back and convinces the young gentleman to untie his hand. But knowing Sidney and the glance he gave the nearby glass of water, this isn’t going to turn out well.

Back to Giles, he states that he has outdone himself; he is quite the cook. The camera looks out the window. Rosie appears to be sitting by the tree. Giles gets closer and finds Rosie sitting with a scarf around her neck. She has hung herself. He drops the plate, unties her and tries to bring her back, but it’s no use. She’s gone.

Bob notices the motel door open. He calls out, but no one answers. The shower is still running, but even Allison is missing. Uh oh. Kyle finally makes it to Giles’ house. With no response downstairs, Kyle makes his way upstairs to find Rosie laying in bed, dead. Kyle blames himself for not arriving sooner, but Giles states she was never possessed and that she only had the flu. While he isn’t happy with the decision his wife made, he respects her choice. The never-ending thought of not knowing whether or not she will be possessed can be too much to bare.

After ensuring Megan gets away safely, Anderson goes to see Sidney, but he’s missing, too. There’s broken glass on the floor — along with blood that trails to the man that stupidly fell for Sidney’s mind games. Anderson is shocked, and I don’t think it’s due to the glass cup jammed into the man’s throat, but more to the fact that Sidney has escaped.

Bam! Sidney hits Anderson over the head, scrambles to the door and tries to run into the forest. However, Anderson manages to catch up with Sidney, shooting him — but enough to kill him.

Dr. Park catches up with a battered Blake. He questions what happened and finds out Blake’s unfinished business was only Kyle. Great, he just found another Sidney. Only this one is crazier. Dr. Park tells him to get into the car, but Blake refuses. He no longer wants to be a lab rat, regardless of the deal he made. Instead, Blake informs the doctor that there is someone purer than him, someone that hasn’t been born yet: Megan’s unborn child.

Anderson drags Sidney into the meeting hall where the cult citizens are. He tells them Sidney is no longer their prisoner; in fact, he isn’t much of a demon after all. Anderson tells them to join him, but Dakota refuses because Anderson isn’t one of them. He asks why she invited him, and she states she only wanted to get to Kyle. He was only a means to an end.

Sick of Sidney’s mind games, Anderson starts to suffocate him. Kyle runs in just in time to stop Anderson. Kyle knows they are scared of his daughter, but he wants to know why. Sidney looks at Kyle and says, “You lose Kyle” right before he dies. Enter Simon Barnes, who tells Anderson to leave. He’s no longer wanted or needed. Kyle is confused and remains silent.

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Megan is at a gas station filling up, but her card doesn’t seem to be working. She must go inside. Before she does, she tells Holly to hit the horn if anyone approaches. Megan is in a hurry and tries to get the woman at the counter’s attention. However, she’s like a statue and doesn’t move or speak. Enter Dr. Park. Megan knows exactly who he is and tries to escape, but he stops her. He starts talking about her unborn child and how he wants to be her doctor. Just then, she notices Holly missing from the car and runs towards it, screaming her name. Holly answers. She’s fine, she’s just with her “friend,” Blake. Poor Megan, she’s completely trapped.

With nowhere to go, Anderson returns to his church. It’s full of people that are desperate for hope. They want Anderson back. They are deeply saddened for turning their back on him. They need his help. Welcome back, Reverend.

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