Before you read Outcast Season 2, episode 5: “The Common Good,” catch up on the previous episode, “The One I’d Be Waiting For.”

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“The Common Good” starts with the camera panning towards the entrance of the trailer that belonged to Kyle’s (Patrick Fugit) father. This is, of course, the same trailer Kyle entered in the ending of “The One I’d Be Waiting For.” After someone reaches for the front door, the camera reveals a man entering with a brown paper bag. He continues through the trailer until he reaches the back room.

A woman sits tied up and gagged in the chair. The man walks past her and to a desk in the back corner, emptying the contents of the bag. If my eyes haven’t deceived me, it looks to be a box of hooks, a roll of string, a bottle of squeezable glue and a clear packet of pills. His attention is now on the woman, as he interrogates her about the “merge.” She refuses, and the camera finally reveals the man’s face. The woman has no fear. Instead, she tells the man there is no stopping the “great merge.”

Before other questions or torture can happen, she sticks out her tongue and bites down, hard enough for her tongue to fall towards the ground. She sadistically smiles as the camera pans to a now present-day Kyle, who is standing in that exact room. No woman in sight.After the opening credits, Anderson (Philip Glenister) is shown sleeping in his car. Well, actually, it’s more like he’s living in his vehicle.

More importantly, in the hospital, Allison (Kate Lyn Sheil) is woken from her sleep by a nurse, ready for her daily medication. While sitting in the hospital’s common room, she shows signs of paranoia, which, in her case, is understandable. Bored, Allison wanders the corridors and sees a man standing next to a door. He begins talking to Allison in riddles. The man states he wishes he “had one” like Allison did. When she questions him about what he is saying, the man runs away.

Kyle finds out his sister, Megan (Wrenn Schmidt), has returned home to her parents’ house. He begs her to come stay at his old home, the one he shared with his wife, but she refuses. She believes Kyle is the problem since he thinks black stuff crawls into people and that he can eliminate it with his bare hands. Megan informs Kyle that as long as he believes in all that craziness, she cannot be around him.

Back in Rome, West Virginia, Chief Giles (Reg E. Cathey) walks around what appears to be a deserted town. Nothing is open, and when he returns to his office, he is greeted by an angry mob. They want answers regarding all that is happening: devil worship, sacrifice, inexplicable violence. Chief Giles calms them by saying nothing is wrong and not to worry. “Just go back home,” he says.

Sidney (Brent Spiner) is up in the barn, coughing and splattering everywhere. Is Sidney sick? Mayor Owen Boyd (Toby Huss) pays him a visit. Boyd wants Sidney to give Aaron up, and he warns Sidney that all the “things” just want an easy transition with no issues. If Sidney can’t do it, then maybe he should be replaced. This threat doesn’t sit well with Sidney, who attacks Boyd.

Kyle and Chief Giles go to see the Mayor, who is telling the citizens he will take care of things in this town. His plans will be discussed further at a meeting in the afternoon. After everyone disperses, the Mayor privately tells Kyle and Giles that Sidney has gone off the rails. The Mayor states that if Kyle kills Sidney, he will personally make sure none of these “things” hurt or come near Kyle and his family.

Meanwhile, Sidney learns that through torture, people like the Barnes family — known as “lights” — can be changed. He doesn’t know the exact details, only that they can be made more powerful.

Everyone in town gathers for the Mayor’s meeting. He addresses the “possession” theory everyone fears and makes it clear that there are no monsters except the ones we have in ourselves. He tells everyone not to give into the monsters because something better is on the way. To start off this better path, the Mayor makes a huge announcement that causes Chief Giles to object. As Chief Giles stands on stage to give the citizens a speech, he begins coughing and collapses on the ground. The Mayor grabs him, pulls him to his feet and takes him outside.They’re in a bus parking lot. Kyle and Anderson split up, and Kyle finds Chief Giles on a bus. He has a knife in his hand, and Kyle walks towards him saying everything is okay and that he is just trying to help. The two get into a fight. Anderson finds Sidney and Aaron, they are talking with the Mayor. Eventually, he finds Kyle and Giles on a bus. They are still fighting, and Giles looks to be winning, except something rips both Giles and Kyle from the bus and they begin to levitate in the sky. They continue to fight until they eventually fall to the ground. One of them is luckier than the other, during the fall. Can you guess who? For an in-depth look at this episode, flick through to the next page.

For an in-depth look at this episode, flick through to the next page.

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