Robert Kirkman’s Outcast is back for season two. Taken from his comic book of the same name, the first season brought a fresh perspective on the topic of exorcisms. You can check out what Bomb Squad member Mickey and I thought of each episode in the first season here, or read my full season one recap here. Alternatively, you can watch the below 60 second visual recap below:

Outcast Season 1 Recap

Presenting Season 1 in 60 seconds. Refresh your memory before #Outcast Season 2 arrives!

Posted by Outcast on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Season two picks up a couple of days after the events of the season one finale. Kyle (Patrick Fugit) has left Rome with his daughter, Amber (Madeleine McGraw), now that he has discovered she has inherited his power. Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) is dealing with the aftermath of burning down Sidney’s (Brent Spiner) house. (He thought it would stop the Devil.) Kyle’s sister, Megan (Wrenn Schmidt) is now facing the consequences of what she did while she was possessed. Now free, she has learnt of her husband’s brutal death — which she committed. Megan’s daughter, Holly (Callie Brook McClincy), blames Amber for what happened to her family. This introduces the idea that Amber is classified as an Outcast by society due to her powers, much like her dad was when he was growing up. Giles (Reg. E. Cathey) has sided with Kyle and the Reverend as he comes to terms with the ‘new’ supernatural reality of the city.

In every sense of the word, “Bad Penny” is a transitional episode. It acted like an epilogue for season one, while introducing new plot points. Season one’s loose ends were resolved and everyone’s storylines remained interesting. Overall, Outcast remains a fresh and fascinating horror series about exorcisms. This first episode was a great way to start the season. Let’s hope it stays like this until the finale.

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