Christmas has come early for many diehard Mega Man fans (like us).

The first Mega Man was released 30 years ago on the NES on December 17, 1987, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, Capcom has revealed the latest entry to the beloved franchise. To the surprise of many, the developer announced during its 30th anniversary Mega Man stream that Mega Man 11 is arriving in late 2018 for the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Mega Man 11 signifies the return to the mainstream Mega Man series since 2010’s Mega Man X. This Mega Man, however, will be the first in the series to show off a new “hand-drawn” 2.5D art direction, unlike previous installments, which are the traditional retro 8-bit visual style with which Mega Man has become so synonymous.

During the live stream, Capcom revealed in-game footage that showcased gameplay, boss fights, and the incredible design of Mega Man’s various mechanical enemies. It also revealed one of the alternate weapons that Mega Man will have at his disposal: a rock arm that summons four large brick formations that fall down horizontally on the screen. If this is indicative of all that’s in store, Mega Man 11 looks to continue the franchise’s trend of fun and interesting weapons. More about the anticipated Mega Man 11 game is to be revealed in this month’s GameInformer, which Mega Man gracefully covers.

Along with the news that the series would be getting a new installment, Capcom also announced that the retro collection Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will make their way to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year. On top of that, the developer unveiled that all eight games in the Mega Man X spinoff series will make their way to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, PlayStation 4. At this time, it’s unknown if these will come in some form of a bundle, but it’s strong possibility.

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