The phrase “there are two kinds of people in this world” can apply to basically any situation life presents, and Halloween is most definitely one of them. Half of the population are the pre-planners — those who pick out their costume months in advance, hunt down the perfect wig to wear, do makeup tests to get all the details just right, and start getting ready hours in advance of their ghoulish plans. On the flip side, the remaining half are the pansters — those who fly by the frays of their jeans, scrambling to come up with a Halloween costume that’s topical but not overdone, comfortable enough for a night of drink-sipping and candy-munching, and can be thrown together using things they already have tucked in their closets and bathroom drawers.

This Halloween, we’ve got the holiday procrastinators’ backs, and are here with a few ideas to get you in a costume and out the door in no time.

Eleven from Stranger Things

To mimic Eleven’s iconic look in the series’ first season, pair a baby-pink dress (preferably one with a white Peter Pan-style collar) with a blue canvas or denim jacket, a pair of white shin-high socks, and your favourite pair of tennis shoes. Drip a little fake blood down your upper lip, or draw some nosebleed streaks on with red lipstick, and you’re almost set! Those with short hair can simply slick their locks back and jet off to their destination, and those who have a longer mane can sweep it up into a ponytail or bun without having to fiddle with a wig. Alternatively, you blonde-haired babes out there can tousle your tresses to channel Eleven’s alternative look from the show. Bonus points if you have an empty Eggos box you can carry to your Halloween festivities. (Telekinetic abilities not included.)

Baby from Baby Driver

Here’s one for those whose wardrobes are monochromatic and effortlessly cool. To mirror Ansel Elgort’s Baby in Edgar Wright’s kickin’ heist comedy, grab three essential items: a pair of black sunglasses, a gray and black varsity jacket, and some in-ear headphones. Add a plain white tee and a pair of skinny jeans, and you’re bound to impress. And who knows, looking this cool, you may just find your Debora out there somewhere tonight…

Jughead Jones from Riverdale

This kind-of-bad boy has taken the pop culture scape by storm, causing an upswing in the popularity of beanies and brooding looks. As with Baby’s signature look, Jughead’s is much the same when it comes to simplicity. Grab your favourite beanie (a dark gray or almost-black shade works best); a flannel, denim, or leather jacket; and a muted graphic tee to complete the upper half of the Riverdale heartthrob’s ensemble. Then slip on some dark-wash jeans and tie a flannel button-down around your waist to bring the whole look together. Be sure to throw out a few “I’m a weirdo”s and “I don’t fit in”s to really capture Jughead’s angsty essence.

A Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling from Netflix’s GLOW

GLOW is the name, women’s wrestling is the game. One of Netflix’s most heart-warming original offerings of 2017 is the Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin-led GLOW, a comedy-drama series about neon spandex, an all-female wrestling team, a show within a show, big hair, and what it takes to find your true happiness. And beyond the feel-good nature of the sleeper hit, GLOW offers a ton of easily replicated character duds you can choose from. Channel Madonna and the hair-rock bands of the 1980s and shuffle through your wardrobe to pick out anything shiny, brightly colored, or animal print and slap it on.

Leggings, leotards, leg warmers, scrunchies, and slouchy off-the-shoulder tops work best for a more general Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling look, but for those wanting to show their support for a particular wrestler, the options are pretty abundant. Grab threads sprinkled with stars and stripes to channel Gilpin’s Debbie “Liberty Belle” Eagan, dark colours and strong angles to copy Brie’s Ruth “Zoya the Destroya” Wilder, or thick glasses, suspenders, and a heavy book to achieve a spitting image of Kate Nash’s Rhonda “Britannica” Richardson.

Georgie from It

If your social media feed has been inundated with recreations of the new Pennywise — from his bulbous skull and bright red hair to the billowy, papery costume and red lips that flick upward through his eyes — since Andy Muschietti’s It, you’re not alone. It seem as though everyone has taken a stab (no gruesome It-related pun intend here) at the demonic entity that manifests itself as a killer clown, and the originality well has pretty much run dry in this eleventh hour.

But fear not, It fans. You can still pay homage to 2017’s biggest horror flick this October 31 by stepping out as Georgie, the first victim we see Pennywise snatch up in the rebooted film. If you happen to have a quintessential lemon-yellow rain slicker on hand, chuck that on over a gray top or tank, and pair it with medium-wash jeans and some black boots. Where yellow coats are lacking, a yellow dress or top will totally suffice. Holding a single red balloon and/or a paper boat will kick your costume up a notch and have all your friends asking if they’ll float, too.

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