Did you expect anything less from the dynamic duo?

Chatting in an interview with Geek Bomb founder Maude Garrett, The Last Jedi actors John Boyega (the former Stormtrooper Finn) and Oscar Isaac (the smooth-as-butter X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron) spoke about their love for the Star Wars franchise, how the adoration began, and the ways in which their connection to the series has changed now that they are actually a part of it.

Boyega recounted his Star Wars origin story with a laugh: “I was introduced [to] Star Wars by the merchandise, the toys… when the prequels were coming out. And then I watched those. And then after, I went back to see the originals. And, as a kid, with the originals, I didn’t quite get it, because, like, ‘Mom, Dad, why [do]the effects look like that?” It was a whole different experience until I got older, and then there was much more, you know, homegrown appreciation for it.”

The 25-year-old actor continued, explaining how his love for Star Wars evolved over time. “I messed with the video games, with comics, and all that kind of stuff. I got in deep, I got in deep,” said Boyega. “I’ve read Star Wars comics with alternate beginnings… I’ve got a book that is based on the first draft of George Lucas’ Star Wars script. It’s a comic book… and Chewie was this ugly thing, he didn’t look right. I think Han Solo was an alien as well in that version.”

Boyega concluded that he remains the same kind of eager-to-geek-out Star Wars fan as he’s always been (one who loves all the characters so much, he refuses to name a favourite!), but when he’s shooting the films, he’s nothing but focused. “On set, it’s a working environment,” he said, before adding that there are still moments where he quietly marvels at some of the set pieces. “You still have time to… sometimes be like, ‘That is really cool,” stated Boyega. “But it’s back to it, pressure’s on to make every day count.”

The story for Isaac is much the same. As he explained to Maude, “I was a fan. My family were obsessive fans. Big, big, big, big time fans. And I got infected with some of that. And when the prequels came out, we did a lot of dress-up parties.” When Isaac was cast as Poe for The Force Awakens, his fondness for the franchise has only grown. “Then I became part of the Star Wars universe, and I like it way more,” the actor said.

Sounds like the Force is most definitely with these two.

Catch Boyega and Isaac in Star Wars: The Last Jedi when it hits theaters on December 15.

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