iZombie has got some developments coming along, and we’re going on a full-on wild goose chase for some future conflict. With last season’s big bad no longer a threat (for now), it seems like the showrunners are trying to plan for the ultimate baddie — and right now it also seems like the anti-zombists aren’t the only ones who are against our main group. Let’s jump into it then, yes?
Guilt-ridden Liv-ing

Instead of the case of the week this time around, we’re going into the background of an old case. With Liv never completely dealing with Drake’s (her zombie ex-boyfriend) death, it looks like she’s forced to face the ghost of her past, quite literally, as she eats a bit of James Weckler’s brain. (He was our culprit in a previous dominatrix case, remember?)

Wow, Drake is such a mood killer. Again, literally, as he totally ruins Liv and Justin’s nighttime activities and even lays down in bed with them. All this for Peyton’s sense of justice for a very strange ending to the Weckler case, since she was told that Weckler died in his prison cell by hanging himself.

Let’s be honest, though, the scene with Peyton in a homemade Playboy dom costume spanking Liv with a flyswatter was incredibly entertaining. I mean, what are best friends for right? In the name of justice!

iZombie — “Return Of The Dead Guy” © 2017 The CW Network

Ravi, Don E, and Visions of Nazis

Ravi’s meanwhile stuck doing some undercover work of his own. As virtuous as commitment to prevent the zombie universe having its world premiere via Don E’s (Bryce Hodgson) livestream is, it’s terrifying to see Ravi be at the mercy of trigger-happy individuals. Bravo to Bryce Hodgson, by the way, for the captured zombie performance; it was both mesmerizing and jarring to see him having his blue-brained visions, slowly starving and zombie mumbling all while holding on to sanity. I mean, Don E had such a panicked World War II flashback, complete with a half-singing, half-screaming performance of “The Star Spangled Banner.” It was so hard to watch, but was also fantastic acting.

Thank goodness Ravi was able to find Don E’s phone and call Blaine for help, who went to find Liv as reinforcements. Also, good to know that it seems like he’s at least appearing like he’s over Peyton. As sad as it was that Blaine earnestly wanted to become a better person for Peyton, depressed Blaine couldn’t have been able to really find a place in the show if he had been moping around longer. A little disappointed that we couldn’t have a different evolution in his character development, though. It seems a little too black and white that Blaine either has to be “the changed man” or “bad boy.” I would’ve personally liked it much more if he was a bit of both.

iZombie — “Return Of The Dead Guy” © 2017 The CW Network

Blaine’s in Pain… Again

Although, he’s not in pain from heartbreak this time. Thank goodness. He’s in pain because he got shot… again.

In the last episode, we were left with the return of Mr. Boss. At the beginning of the episode, he sneaks into his old home, undetected by his wife, to grab a briefcase of money and passports — a winning lottery ticket for anyone who wants to disappear. But Mr. Boss doesn’t stumble upon it before visiting his enemies to try to Django Unchained his way into the night. Needless to say, it wasn’t successful. Little troublemaker isn’t going to be having his happy ending this time around. Nope, instead he’s at the mercy of zombies and a brain business deal, which is most likely going to bite Blaine in the butt. I’m not entirely sold on Mr. Boss’ loyalty because it’s fueled by only fear at the moment.


As amusing as it was seeing Liv only be able to see a “ghost,” Drake’s (Greg Finley) return to the show seemed forced so Liv would have something to do, since everyone else was so busy doing things on their own time. Peyton was figuring out her case, Major was building lust forts with Shawna and Ravi were in the horrendous predicament of trying to not have the world find out about zombiekind with a kidnapped Don E.

Ravi (Rahul Kohli) carries this episode. I’m so much more invested in what’s happening to him rather than what’s going on with this Weckler case, even if we know now that his daughter is a zombie. Also, who is Shawna? Where did Major’s “friend” come from? There are just too many questions and too many strange temporary dead ends that we’ve hit. Instead of building up excitement, it just seems like it’s all filler for background noise to Ravi’s dire situation.

Even though the episode had some fantastic moments, it was drowned out by the urgency of the anti-zombists’ livestream. Not exactly a memorable episode, but come on, I’m still going to tune in next time because of that cliffhanger. I like Ravi’s character way too much to just bail on him having a gun pointed to his head.

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