The snowball of events keeps tumbling forward in iZombie in a much more cohesive way compared to the previous episode. The seventh episode may be titled “Dirt Nap Time,” but this episode doesn’t sleep on the job when it comes to plot progression. Let’s dive right in! Location of Cure: Unknown

The last episode left off with us knowing that the cure works, but that it was stolen from Ravi’s office. An engaged Liv (and Peyton) leads Blaine to a slight back alley, rogue cop interrogation-type encounter from angry zombie Liv. He said that he didn’t take the cure, and my assumption is that he’s telling the truth.

At this point in time, it seems like Blaine is too heartbroken to be doing anything extreme like a breaking and entering. I can see him capitalizing on the blue juice in the future, but Blaine seems like an unlikely culprit in my eyes.

The second suspect would be Don E, who claims that he doesn’t have the cure because he would’ve sold it instead of still being stuck with henchman duties. I currently have two theories. One is that Angus McDonough is in the possession of the cures. It makes sense. It doesn’t seem he’d trust Don E with something as game-changing as the cure; instead, he’d be entrusted with the grunt work at the forefront of it all, not really into the “higher management” of business. I wouldn’t be surprised if Angus asked that huge bodyguard man to break in somehow and get the cures. My other theory is that Fillmore Graves has them. Their military department has done incognito missions before, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the cures in order to figure out their next move for zombie-kind — to stay as a “species” unit, or to try to be a part of the movement to create a cure so everyone can be human again. I can see the show going both ways, which actually leads to our next topic of discussion. Future of Zombie-kind

It looks like we’ve got a couple of violence-willing humans who have solid proof about the existence of zombies. With what seems like a mishap on a private road, some dash-cam footage of Justin going full rage zombie and running full Black Panther speed to the truck, it feels almost too easy that the gun-toting humans now have their proof. Considering Fillmore Graves bugged the truck, I think that we’re going to be seeing a power play move from the zombie organization soon.

It’s also very interesting how Justin is being used to the fullest in this episode. He becomes Major’s zombie best friend and Liv’s cutesy date in an episode, while having it seems a bit too quickly paced. Considering how Liv’s relationship history is, it seems like Justin might be the next boyfriend arc, but I’m betting that she’ll end up with Major again. I mean, it’s bound to happen, and no matter how much I enjoy Justin’s character, it doesn’t quite seem to matter if we like any of Liv’s non-Major love interests. Something always seems to happen to them.

Now, another thing that is changing the future of zombie-kind is the fact The Scratching Post (which some No Secrets Club members know about now) is creating them to monopolize on the source of brains. Don E brings over some of his own not quite so mini henchman to witness Blaine’s brain business buy-out, and during their visit, Blaine is sent a message from his father: a bullet through his human body, supposedly to end his human life. But, of course, that’s too easy. Giving Blaine such a death would be rather boring, and providing him a redemption arc to save the girl one last time is much more interesting than having him die while moping around. C-Liv-e’s Seattle PD Cases

In an interesting turn of events, it seems like the dominatrix case from the “Spanking the Zombie” episode is coming back to provide some plot twists. Turns out, Peyton has to deal with trying to get the confessed murderer to hand over a memory card, only to find out that he was discovered dead in his cell the following day. Thus, he suddenly gets a fancy new lawyer. The arc is more than a bit out of place, but if the writers are bringing back the case to have another layer of mystery behind it, there just might be something zombie-connected on that memory card. Overall

Elongated case aside, this week’s episodes was a lot less clunky than the “hot mess” ones of episodes past. However, the writing was still a bit lacking here and there, particularly with Liv’s preschool teacher brain preppiness chiming in on an infidelity case. Granted, Clive’s reactions to Liv’s preschool teacher brain did make the transition a lot easier of a pill to swallow, but it still came off a bit uneven at certain parts.

The episode is most definitely a set-up episode for things to come, but it asks more questions than actually provide answers this time around, which I don’t mind. A bit of theorizing every now and then makes some shows pretty fun, and iZombie still is able to push forward while giving us a victim brain to be distracted with. I’m just hoping that in the next future episodes, we get better crimes to solve with Liv and Clive, because the past two have been missing the mark for me.

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