iZombie is turning up the heat. With plot development for the No Secrets Club (which at this point our members have kept secrets from each other, so the whole name is so void at this point), the show moves on a bit sporadically. #SrslyDoe Horrendous hashtag aside (yet actually fitting for this episode), let’s dive into what exactly happened!

Hot Mess Liv-ing

For the case of the week this time, Liv has eaten the brain of a murder victim who was the #PartyHard girl who thrived on drama. She becomes either purposefully ignorant or maybe just conveniently forgetful for her everyday tasks, which include sewing up a body at the morgue with her phone still in said body, getting drunk on the job while visiting potential crime subjects and repeatedly forgetting to purchase the blue solution ingredients that Ravi needs.

Calling the mind a bit scatterbrained would be putting it nicely, because it definitely made the entire episode chug along in an incredibly clunky manner. The disingenuous apologies we’d get afterwards would also grate a bit on the nerves. It was fine the first time, but after it happened more and more, the Valley Girl tone would make me wish I would be able to fast forward to the next scene.

Major Cure

Bravo to Ravi, because in this episode, we find out that we’ve got a zombie cure! I’m incredibly relieved that the writers didn’t linger on Major’s potential forgotten memories for too long and quickly resolved that question within an episode. Not sure I would’ve been able to really sit through another episode of a Major Lilywhite version of Homeward Bound. Lovely touch to also include a bit of backstory to Major’s upbringing! So, we now know that the cure makes the user forget their memories for a couple of days, but they do come back, which ties into the next topic at hand: the Blaine-Peyton-Ravi love triangle.

Blaine-Peyton-Ravi Love Triangle

It looks like Ravi’s going to be getting another shot at Peyton, since the reason why we know that the cure works is because Blaine was keeping up appearances on his amnesia status. He loses the girl over some Pad Thai and after a suggestive bondage pun. It’s also pretty interesting how Blaine is making some of that blue solution (thanks to Liv’s forgotten shopping list) that makes the memories of the original owner extremely vivid and potent. Perhaps to drown out his sorrows for losing the girl? Or maybe he’s selling it to zombies who are depressed and want to live vicariously through the other brains? Who knows at this point, but since they gave the scene a pretty up-to-no-good soundtrack, I’m positive it’ll come up again later on.

Future of Zombie-kind

As of now, we know that someone broke into Ravi’s office for the cure syringes. My guess is Donn-E, since he seems like he’d be desperate enough for the money. The other possibility is Blaine, since it might be a desperate, final attempt to get Peyton to talk to him, while also ensuring the continued success of his brain business. But why doesn’t Ravi have an ingredient list for the cure? It can be argued that he wouldn’t want to leave a paper trail, but can’t he just make another batch?

Besides the members of the main team, this also means that they’d have to go up against Fillmore Graves and the Scratching Post staff over the fact that the cure would be intruding on their way of life. In my watching-too-much-Cinema Sins mind, Ravi can just make a gas version of the cure and they can put it into the air conditioning vents of the establishments somehow. That way, everything would eventually be over with. (Although that does seem like a rather shady way to go, and with less-than-entertaining results.) I’m just worried for Ravi right now because he’s got a big red target on his head: he’s the science man with the answers.

A theory I have is that Liv and Major maybe appealing to Fillmore Graves’ side saying they have the cure, once they retrieve the cure. Hopefully, they’ll comply and want to be human again, and it’ll be Fillmore Graves against the money-grubbing zombies over at the Scratching Post — with the help of Blaine, of course, because he’ll be very familiar opposing his father.


This episode is sloppy, particularly in the aspects the writers are usually so good at structuring together. However, it feels like the audience is supposed to look past its flaws to focus on the new exciting directions the show could go. It works for the underlying purpose, but I’m a bit disappointed that we got such a weak case for Liv to assist in. Even if I understand that usually the case’s intrigue is supposed to compliment the zombie world’s events, it’s a bummer to see Liv’s hot mess brain literally turn the episode a bit sour.

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