From the third episode of iZombie’s third season, there are so many directions that this show can go, so let’s just dive right in with what we know, and then discuss where our No Secrets Club could go.

iZombie — “Eat, Pray, Liv” — Image Number: ZMB303a_0012.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Robert Buckley as Major, Rahul Kohli as Ravi, Aly Michalka as Peyton, Rose McIver as Liv and David Anders as Blaine — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW © 2017 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

What do we know?

1. Blaine’s a lounge singer now, and it’s like a huskier Neil Patrick Harris serenading us. I’m on board.

2. We know that Don E is officially being errand boy for Angus McDonough now with “their” new business venture, The Scratching Post. “That’ll do, pig.”

3. Major is dying. He’s not showing it in front of Liv, but he’s definitely getting closer to death. Solid acting on those coughing fits, although it would be a bit more convincing if there was something that came out of his mouth when he coughed. Without it, it seemed like poor Major is choking on air. Unless his lungs were collapsing and that’s how he’s dying, which I’d buy.

4. Blaine took Ravi’s new cure and one of the side effects is that he’ll remember his past or speed up his permanent death… again.

5. Amnesia Blaine formally meets his father and starts to become certain he doesn’t want to remember his past self.

6. This is the episode where Rahul Kohli got to shine in his fantastic performance of an emotionally careless Ravi. He’s been kind of cast on the sidelines, finding the cure with no real outlet to properly convey his bottled up anger, so he popped. Frustrated confession to Peyton and all! Also, Ravi totally Ross Geller-ed (Friends) it up at the end with that Peyton confrontation. Making all the wrong decisions and sleeping with another woman while the woman you actually love is practically ready to be swept off her feet? I can just hear the echoes of an exasperated paleontologist yelling, “We were on a break!” I’m not angry Ravi, I’m just… disappointed.

7. Katty Kupps is here to stay (for the time being), and it looks like she’s bringing an awkward little side love triangle for Ravi.

8. Rachel, I mean, Peyton’s going to have to deal with her scientist suitor one way or another, and it’s not going to be pretty, considering it took them so long to actually reveal they had feelings for one another. Luckily, Peyton is a lot more grounded and badass in this show. I mean, if she can see past Blaine’s murdering past, I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to forgive Ravi for his drunken misadventures. It’s just a matter of when she will.

9. Major’s improving as a mercenary, and it’s definitely going to come in handy later in order to protect someone in the gang. I can feel it in my bones. (Or brain?)

What Could Be

1. Blaine is going to remember parts of his past, but not entirely all of it. I predict that he’ll conveniently remember enough to have to deal with The Scratching Post gang, but still try to be decent for Peyton. Even though they’re not officially together, it’s pretty obvious that the two have chemistry.

2. Speaking of chemistry and relationships, the love triangle is going to be addressed, but not immediately, I don’t think. Members of the No Secrets Club will approach Ravi and Peyton separately, and they’ll both respond frustratedly.

3. I have a strong feeling I won’t like Katty Kupps. She’s a bit too close to the truth, while being way too in Ravi’s face about it. Or it could just be that I don’t like it when Ravi’s backed into a corner, because he’s not exactly written to make the best of decisions when he’s unsupervised by the main group.

4. Liv’s going to find out about Major suffering and definitely be tending to him more because that’s just their dynamic. Major doesn’t want to burden Liv with his problems, Liv finds out anyway and they work it out together. Does No Secrets Club mean nothing to you, Major? Plus, weren’t you going to marry this woman? Shouldn’t you know better by now?

Despite setting up the possibilities in this particular episode, “Eat, Pray, Liv” mainly focused on the two male members of the Blaine-Peyton-Ravi triangle. Blaine’s understandable internal struggle with his moral compass and Ravi’s emotional vulnerability were the main takeaways of this episode. Liv and Clive’s case that involved zen, proverb-y brain to takeover Liv didn’t really make for the best written case, but it did provide some sort of back and forth to hold us over to the meat and potatoes of the plot. Also, can we please appreciate how cute Liv walking in on Major and Justine, a DJ turned zombie mercenary, dancing to Jason Derulo’s “Want To Want Me” is? It was my favorite moment in the episode and made me giggle.

Out of the season so far, Episode 3 was the weakest in regards to writing, but it did move the story along, so it seemed like a decent set up to future plot. We’ve got all our pieces in the right spots now. All we’ve got to do is to see what happens next!

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