When Disney and Lucasfilm unveiled the newest (and first full-length) trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you were likely in one of two columns: 1) “I don’t care how much I see the video link float around social media, how many reaction posts people make about it, or how often I get the tickle in my fingers to search for it and give it a tiny peek, I am never watching the trailer, for I want to go into the film blind,” or 2) “GIVE IT TO ME NOW.”

If you know anything about us, you won’t be surprised to learn that the majority of the Squad belonged to the latter (though some are actually opting to avoid it at all costs). After devouring the trailer’s scenes and sparkles the first time around, we watched and re-watched to gain a deeper understanding, and then promptly spilled our guts.

Check out how we really feel about the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or on Twitter @GeekBomb.


Like the true Star Wars enthusiast she is, Boss Bomb Maude made a whole dang video in response to the new trailer. Catch it above.


For a film’s marketing to be super focused on the color red, there wasn’t as much red in the trailer as I expected. That being said, just assume that from now on until the film comes out, I’m just in a constant state of screaming. It’s a bit too spoiler-y for my taste, and I can see now why the director highly suggested not to watch it when he was asked about it. When it’s all said in done, come on guys… it’s a Star Wars film. From the trailer, there’s definitely going to be some kick-ass fight scenes, and I already have my ticket to watch it. Until then, again, constant state of screaming as I shake in anticipation. December can’t come soon enough.


Full disclosure: I’m a sucker for trailers that (in my opinion) are well-structured and end with a bang that leaves my jaw hanging open not unlike that of the adorable Porg we saw in this one. While I do agree that some of the footage shown hinged on being too revealing, I think what we did see didn’t flat out answer any questions we had. Yes, we saw XYZ, but those stirred up questions ABC in our heads — questions we didn’t have before the trailer dropped. It’s a definite case of purposeful misguiding.

From an aesthetics standpoint, it looks delicious; from a narrative standpoint, I’m intrigued to learn how two of the main characters will converge and whose story we’ll truly be watching unfold; and from a “how successful was this trailer in making me want to see the movie even more” standpoint, I’ve gotta give full points. Also, those ice wolves are the cutest things of my whole entire life.


It looks like it’s going to be everything I want a mid-trilogy Star Wars movie to be. We’ve got some super heavy family force tension, shit tons of space battle action, super beefy AT-ATs that I can’t wait to see in IMAX 3D, ice foxes, a weird ass owl boy that I’ll give the benefit of the doubt for now, and Luke fucking Skywalker. The force is as powerful as ever and Luke is scared as shit about it, but I am excited. Give me the Star Wars.

Side note: I LOVED when Rey’s lightsaber went along with the trailer music. I keep playing that over and over.


Visually, it looks stunning. I’m definitely getting some Empire Strikes Back vibes, which I love. I am slightly concerned about the plot, though. Hopefully those concerns are nullified come Christmas time.

What did you think of the new trailer?

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