Well, all right. This is a guide and some tips on how to become a Sith visually. Happy Sith Day! Revenge of the 5th. Get it?

Now, if you want to one day create your own Sith costume, here are some tips on what to keep in mind! I previously wrote about how I personally approached creating my own Sith costume, so you geeks can check that out here.

Know Your Direction

If you want to design your costume, first you’ve got to know if you want to design something on your own or if you want to do something more Star Wars-accurate. For more Star Wars accurate insight, check out these two links to start: Here and here. Sketching things out also helps you out a lot, especially if you’re a visual person like I am. It’s kind of like writing your own notes for a project. Don’t feel self-conscious about how it looks to others, as long as you know what you’re writing and drawing, you’re good!

Color Schemes

Now that you know what type of outfit you want to create to satisfy your Dark Side, it might be really daunting still to figure out what scheme you want. Traditionally, Sith outfits are either black, purple or grey, but because of the red synthetic crystals in their lightsabers, adding bits of red to your outfit can definitely make it look extra menacing. It also helps to carry a red lightsaber around. If you’re thinking about adding contacts for an intimidating color to your gaze, check out our article on how to approach getting colored contacts for cosplay here

Sharp Angles

For a character to clearly be walking on the Dark Side of things, sometimes it’s easier to imagine the overall silhouette’s shape. Usually, the outfits of more sinister characters have a lot of angles and are lankier in movement as well as appearance. Maybe add some gauntlets and sharp shoulder pads to give off a very authoritative, powerful look. You could even throw some small metal details onto your outfit.

Another way to add these angles to your look is through your makeup! If you’d like to see some tips on that, then check out the article I wrote about how I constructed my Sith costume.

Google Is Your Friend!

Googling is going to help you a lot for looking at inspiration. A lot of fans have created and then cosplayer their own amazing designs, so seeing others making things really gets those creative juices flowing. Here are some of the images I personally saved for inspiration. Think of it like doing Pinterest research before really committing to a project!

Be Confident and Have Fun!

Last but not least, just have fun. Wear what you really want to wear and feel like you can kick some butt. I mean don’t go out and slaughter younglings, but just channel the look like you could take on any Jedi. 

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