Whether you are an online buyer, window shopper or even a convention items collector, there is always incredible items that have us splurging!

At the beginning of October, I went to EB Expo and came away with an impressive loot, but I also came away with some new items on my “if only money grew on trees” list! So with the end of the year approaching and the large amount of games soon to be released, I will be sharing some of the gamer items on my list!


IMFACEROLL GAMING is where you will find incredible custom PCs. They are crafted through passion, and the creator uploads videos of the designs on his YouTube channel! These designs are often displayed at Australian conventions, such as PAX and EB Expo — just head to the PC section, normally near Razor!


Personally I’m not a PC gamer. Although I have played Elder Scrolls and a few streaming games for Geek Bomb, I mostly just play the Sims. However, if I were to have one of these PCs in my house my consoles would find themselves collecting dust!

img_2400 img_2412

Some parts are motion enabled. For example, one had what looked to be milk (although I’m sure it wasn’t, I know it was just a liquid cooling system) running through the system! If you think it can get any better, these epic designs do get given away to subscribers as a thank you! Overall, my favourite is there Warcraft one, check it out:

If you are a PC gamer and want to see more of these epic designs make sure to check out their YouTube page, or if you are a custom designer yourself — please share your creations with us!

Level Up Dice

Level Up Dice is an Australian owned and operated business designed to bring Australia high quality luxury and collectable dice. Making dice in several colours and types helps cater to all tabletop players! Everything from wood to metal to precious stones is available.


Due to their high quality, they run a direct-to-customer model (although they are currently in the process of improving their online store). Their reasoning? “Just like you are buying a diamond, we believe you should check out the dice before purchase.”

img_2992Coincidentally, Level Up Dice makes appearances at many of Australia’s conventions throughout the year, as well as making appearances at local gaming shops. If that’s not enough, they are also able to come to a private function (email info@levelupdice.net for more info).

While I was at EB Expo, I met with Alex, who is the Director of Level Up Dice. He let me examine some of the dice, and also showed me some other items, some of which were from independent crafters. Alex explained that since he is travelling all the time to conventions, he allows space in his display for others, as he is a big believer in artists supporting artists! Therefore, every artist chooses the recommended retail price of their product, they choose how much commission they get for it and are ensured Level Up Dice don’t charge them a fee to take their products to the conventions!


So if you want to impress at your next D&D or tabletop gaming session, be sure to check out Level Up Dice — whether it’s through their website or at the next convention you attend!

Sony Mobile/PS4

I love my PS4, more so now that I had to give up my Xbox One! So when I had the chance to get hands on with Sony’s Xperia™ XZ, I was hooked with the gaming capabilities. Handheld devices have been around for ages (Gameboy, Nintendo DS, 3DS and Switch, Shield Portable and Sony’s own PSP and Vita) but a phone/console fusion is only fairly new!


 The crystal-clear quality of the phone, I have to admit was better than my TV, with the added bonus of not having to wear my glasses to play. The device attachment was remarkably light, and felt as if I was just playing casually with the PS4 controller! While the phone does have have some great qualities — no explosions yet *knock on wood* — I am not in a hurry to switch my phone (so for now it will remain on my wish list).

If you are interested in this remote play then check out the official trailer below:

After seeing some of the items on my list — soon to expand further with items I see at PAX Aus — what gaming items do you have on your end of ear wish list?

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