It’s May the Fourth, so naturally Julia and I were drawn to the OOTD Force. Throwing a Star Wars-inspired outfit may seem like a lot of work, but actually is easy-peasy! Let us Obi-Wan KenoBE your personal stylists to the ways of the Sith.

Darth MallIt’s almost summer (in the US!), so my Darth Maul inspired OOTD is super simple and breezy for those warm days. I paired my little black dress with a light cardigan for the not-so-hot spring days and the cool summer nights.


– Black Dress from H&M

– Cardigan from Urban Outfitters

New York Sithy

This look is more for the spring days leading up to summer, and it’s another outfit you can just throw on. There’s nothing I love more than easy outfits that I can step into without even thinking. The sweater is heavier than the cardigan I was previous wearing, and has the Sith-like hood with a bunch of lightsaber-looking lines all over.


– Sweater from Urban Outfitters

– Dress from Urban Outfitters

Work Hard & Party Until Sith-Faced

For those of you experiencing cooler weather, here’s an outfit to channel your inner dark side! I was thinking either for either colder weather or in an office environment. You know, for those companies that will blast the AC system and feel like it’s a totally different season from the outside temperature. It’s sleek, and with a longer cardigan, you get your own casual cape!


– Velvet bodysuit hand me down

– Leather pants from Amazon

– Duster cardigan from Forever21

Luke, I Am Your Spotter

Now, you can’t go around kicking butt without actually working out. Or maybe you can, for those lucky few! But for exercising, I threw together this outfit. The tank top gives you ventilation, where the leggings are comfortable and stretchable. If you’re chilly, throw on a leather jacket or a bomber jacket to keep from the breeze that might get you geeks sick! Remember that if you want a more monochromatic outfit to really stand out, focus on experimenting with different textures. 


– Sports bra from Amazon

– Patterned sheer tank from Kohl’s

– Leather jacket thrifted

– Leggings from Target

How would you geeks dress as a Sith? (Also, if you’re planning to be a bit mischievous, you might as well try to smooth things over with those around you with some cookies. Because we all know that the dark side’s got them.)

Stay tuned for more OOTDs here on Geek Bomb, and let us know if you try any of these outfits out for yourself!

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