A few days ago, we covered the movies that we’re excited about in 2017, and now it’s time for those of us on the Bomb Squad who enjoy reading to talk about the books coming out this year that we’re most looking forward to. Or, in some cases, books that we really hope will be released this year!

The Winds of Winter (A Song of Ice and Fire #6) by George R. R. Martin

WINDS OF WINTER! Supposed to be released March 9, which would be the perfect birthday present. I’ve been stalling finishing Dance With Dragons so that I can seamlessly move to the next book, so this date can’t move back.

And I’ll hold my breath, but my most anticipated book is The Doors of Stone — the third book in the Kingkiller Chronicle. This series has been my absolute favourite ever, so they can’t come fast enough.

This year, Scott Lynch will have not one, but TWO books out for his Gentlemen Bastard series — #4 and #0, a prequel!

(Author Note: There is a lot of confusion over whether or not a Gentlemen Bastards prequel actually exists. Scott Lynch addressed the topic on his Tumblr.)

Universal Harvester by John Darnielle – February 7, 2017

I may or may not be obsessed with John Darnielle. My Amazon wishlist consists almost exclusively of Mountain Goats’ vinyls, and I have some Mountain Goats lyrics tattooed on my shoulder. Now with the upcoming release of his much anticipated second novel, my obsession is growing. Darnielle has been the lyricist and lead singer of the Mountain Goats since 1991, but recently he has ventured into writing novels. His first book, Wolf in White Van, was my favourite book of 2014, and I am positively tingling with anticipation for Universal Harvester. It promises to be beautifully written and creepy as heck, too. It is times like this I truly miss working in a bookstore, as I would most assuredly have an advanced copy by now.

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo August 29, 2017

With all the brilliant marketing hype of the Wonder Woman film that I’m so excited to see, I’m also equally interested in seeing DC young adult books also coming out! Really hoping that it’s good. I’m currently slowly, but surely, getting through Bardugo’s other books right now to get a feel of her writing style, and so far it’s been pretty good! Bardugo sets up the environment well and and sets the tone equally well, in my opinion. That being said, I’m in general just looking forward to seeing DC’s reputation also be not in the trenches in 2017!

1. Waking Gods (Themsis Files #2) by Sylvain Neuvel April 4, 2017

I can’t wait for the second book in this incredible series. The first one was an impulse airport buy that became a year-long obsession. It’s written in the same style as books like The Martian and World War Z where the story is told through interviews and diary entries. I just completely fell in love with this innovative and consuming take on human-alien contact, so I’m going to be the first one in line for the sequel.

2. The Winds of Winter (A Song of Ice and Fire #6) by George R.R. Martin

I mean, come on. Obviously. He keeps saying it’ll be 2017 but… who knows.

3. Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King and Owen King – 2o17

Stephen has collaborated with his son Owen on a new novel set in a West Virginian women’s prison — and I am pumped. It’s going to be released sometime this year. No one knows exactly when, but since he’s my favourite author, I’ll be anticipating it all year!

4. Sherlock: A Study in Pink by Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss – January 31, 2017

No, not the television show. The first issue of the manga version is going to be printed in English for the first time on January 31, 2017. I’m going to walk straight into Forbidden Planet and slam it down on the counter to buy first thing that morning. It’s a marriage of two of my favourite things: gorgeous Japanese artwork + Benedict Cumberbatch’s angular visage.

5. There’s a rumoured new John Green novel coming in 2017. It is as yet untitled, but I’m letting myself get excited about it none the less.

1. Assassin’s Fate (Fitz and the Fool #3) by Robin HobbMay 2017 

Assassin’s Fate will be the third book in the third trilogy (a trilogy of trilogies) about royal bastard and assassin FitzChivalry Farseer. These books are some of my all-time favourite reads, and it’s been delightful to revisit the world and characters in this latest trilogy. A lot went down in the second book, and I’m eagerly awaiting the conclusion. Yet, there’s also a small part of me that’s wondering, based on events of the previous book, and that the title of this book is Assassin’s Fate, if this book is going to be the last about Fitz.

2. Beauty in Thorns by Kate Forsyth – August, 2017

Kate Forsyth is such a talented writer, and her fairy tale retellings are true masterpieces. Not only does she put years of research into her work, but she also holds a doctorate in Creative Arts in fairy tale studies. Beauty in Thorns is the story behind a painting of Sleeping Beauty. I’ve followed Kate’s progress on social media as she’s been writing the book, and she recently posted a video that shows her process of writing the first draft.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Art and Artifacts and Hyrule Encyclopedia – 2017

These two books were announced as part of the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. As a huge Zelda fan, I’ll eat up almost anything about the series, and both of these books promise to provide interesting information about the games and will be a nice complement to Hyrule Historia.

4. The Thorn of Emberlain (Gentlemen Bastards #4) by Scott Lynch

Technically, a release date for this book hasn’t been announced. It was pushed back from its original planned 2016 release, but from a recent post on Tumblr, it sounds like Scott Lynch is finishing up the book, so I am optimistic that it can be released this year. The first two Gentlemen Bastards were incredible, and while Republic of Thieves fell slightly flat, it was still a thoroughly excellent book. Some of the revelations at the end of that book were pretty jaw-dropping, so I cannot wait to find out what capers Locke Lamora will get up to next.

Are there any books coming out this year that you can’t wait to hold in your hands? Let us know in the comments. We’re always looking for recommendations!

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  1. Sorry Maude, but The Winds of Winter was never “officially” set to release in March. The publishers denied it immediately. It was the same before A Dance with Dragons came out, when numerous book selling sites kept making up dates with absolutely nothing to base it on. Those years of waiting for that book taught us, that if you don’t see it on his blog, it’s better to just dismiss any such info. In the end anything is possible, but I just think that if it was actually happening this soon, we’d probably heard it from GRRM by now.

    Anyway, the books I’m looking forward to are:

    – “The Lady of the Lake” by Andrzej Sapkowski
    The official English translation of the last Witcher book. Though I’m still far from finishing the ones that are already released. Set to release in March and since my birthday is also in March, barring a Winds of Winter miracle, I’ll consider this my gift 😀

    – “Peace Talks” (The Dresden Files #16) by Jim Butcher
    Set to be released at the end of the year, but who knows. There are things I like about the series and things I don’t, but keeping me interested so many books in, that’s quite an achievement. Give credit where credit is due.

    And one that doesn’t have an official release date, or at least i haven’t found on, but is set to be released this year.
    – “The Thorn of Emberlain” by Scott Lynch
    This will probably be the last chance I give the series. I really liked the 1st one, I thought the 2nd one was ok, but the 3rd one was a big disappointment for me. If this one doesn’t wow me, I’m probably done.

    But the ones I’d like to read more than anything else, I can only hope for a miracle to have them in my hands this year, are “The Winds of Winter” and “The Doors of Stone” by everybody knows who. I’m not optimistic.

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