Geek Bomb game review rating guidelines

Hey Bombers! As you know, we’re big on games here at Geek Bomb. We’ve got sports game enthusiasts, Sims lovers, indie game junkies, tabletop fans and RPG and MMORPG experts. And because we dig games so much, we’re always keen to snag the latest releases to play and review for you all. As of August 2016, we have implemented a set rating scale upon which each of our game reviews will be scored. This not only helps us deliver you the most accurate review of the games we pick up and play but also allows our reviews to be consistent across all our Bomb Squad writers and reviewers.

As always, our reviews are merely subjective. Our writers give their honest and professional opinions of each game they play, and the score given to each game is not an end-all be-all. We encourage kind and thoughtful discussion beyond our writers’ reviews!

All games are scored on a 10-point scale. Half points will, on occasion, be used if a game falls between two round scores. 

10 – The best of the best. A game that receives a score of 10 is one that comes as close to perfection as possible. It is a game expected to have a great deal of clout in the industry, and has the potential to become a classic influencer. It has virtually no flaws, and each element of the game (gameplay, soundtrack, story, etc.) has many merits. It’s a “magnum opus” game – a work of outstanding artistry. The reviewer cannot recommend this game enough; it is an absolute must-play.

9 – Almost perfect/almost flawless. A game that receives a score of 9 doesn’t quite reach the level of mastery that a 10-scoring game does, but it still holds many of the same wonderful characteristics and assets. It is a game that can be influential and inspiring, but it is also one that is very impressive. It may fall ever-so slightly short in a certain aspect, but the game remains astonishing and incredibly enjoyable. The reviewer enthusiastically recommends this game.

8 – Excellent but somewhat flawed. A game that receives a score of 8 is really great. It combines many elements that make up a stellar game, making the overall experience a positive one. However, there are a couple of flaws – ones that can vary intensity from game to game – that the reviewer notices. Fortunately, any drawbacks found are heavily outweighed by the game’s abundant positive attributes. The reviewer highly recommends this game.

7 – Good but noticeably flawed. A game that receives a score of 7 is nice, fun, and rewarding. That being said, the game is a bit bumpy with distinguishable flaws in multiple areas (like mechanics, visual design, plot, pacing, etc.). Despite these negative qualities, however, the gaming experience is a good one overall. The reviewer recommends this game.

6 – OK, but has many flaws that are somewhat difficult to get past. A game that receives a score of 6 is just alright. It’s not great – it sits right above average. Fundamentally, the game is enjoyable but its numerous flaws hinder the overall gameplay experience. Though it’s very “meh,” a player may still have fun with the game. The reviewer can recommend this game only on the basis that you are able to turn your cheek to its pitfalls.

5 – Average and unremarkable. A game that receives a score of 5 is mediocre through and through. There is nothing special about the game, and inspires no noteworthy reaction from the reviewer. A 5-scoring game has an upside, though: it can pass the time. The reviewer only recommends you play this game if you have nothing better to do, or to kill a few hours on a lazy day.

4 – Bad, not recommended. A game that receives a score of 4 isn’t good. And you can even use the “B” word here: it’s bad. A 4-scoring game is also a disappointing waste of time. There may be a couple redeeming qualities, but the game is loaded with flaws. The reviewer does not recommend this game.

3 – Consistently awful. A game that receives a score of 3 is flat-out terrible. While it doesn’t inspire hatred, the reviewer strongly dislikes it. There may be one redemptive aspect of the game, but the rest is just a flood of bad decisions and poor execution. The reviewer REALLY does not recommend this game.

2 – A train-wreck. A game that receives a score of 2 is impressively bad. Playing a 2-scoring game is not pleasant, and does more to frustrate the player than offer a rewarding gaming experience. It’s terrible. The reviewer suggest you steer clear of this game by all means.

1 – Why was this game made? A game that receives a score of 1 is HORRIBLE. Poorly-made, not user-friendly, confusing, etc. Though we know games this horrifyingly bad are few and far between, they may cross our paths. But it’s so terrible, it’s almost offensive. The reviewer recommends that if you do play this game, wipe your mental hard drive of its memory immediately. Unless you’re a masochist.

0 – The worst of the worst. A game that receives a score of 0 is a special case: the reviewer simply cannot rate it, for a multitude of possible reasons. It may be the worst game the reviewer has ever played, it may promote messages/ideals that are fundamentally wrong/offensive, etc. A 0-scoring game is one the reviewer never wants to see, hear, or think about for the rest of their days. The reviewer says, “Don’t touch this game with a 50-foot pole.”