How was your Valentine’s Day? Mine was perfect up until FOX decided to release a Lucifer Deckerstar video. Yes, I did just say that. FOX made a fan video, and it was incredibly cruel.

Starting from the moment they first met, we see all the best moments of their relationship flash before our eyes. My heart was melting at how wonderful they are together, and then FOX had to go and ruin it by finishing with the ending scene from the mid-season finale part 2, “A Good Day to Die.”

Honestly, the writers and network really take the name of this show seriously because this is TORTURE! Just when I had put Lucifer out of my mind they release this video — this does not help; I still have to wait 76 DAYS! Anyway, breathe Neeks, breathe. On the plus side, Lucifer was just picked up for a third season.

If you’re a Deckerstar shipper and need a time filler, enjoy the “Devilish Love Story” below.