The CW’s hit TV show iZombie returns this week for its third season. It’s a zombie show with a twist: after being turned into a zombie, med student Liv Moore takes a job performing autopsies at a morgue which conveniently caters for her new requirement to eat brains on a regular basis. Liv soon discovers that eating brains does more than keep her from turning into a brainless, maniacal stereotype of a zombie: she also gets visions of memories from when the brain’s owner was alive and even takes on some of their personality traits. Many of the bodies that cross Liv’s autopsy table are murder victims, so she teams up with a detective and puts her new abilities to use in solving their murders.

It’s a really fun twist on not only the zombie but also detective genre, so we decided to make this the theme for this weeks’ Fight of Fandoms: unconventional detectives. We matched Liv up with another young, blonde, female sleuth, Veronica Mars, and asked you — the fans — to vote for your favorite.

Veronica Mars is the star of the namesake TV show which ran from 2004 – 2007 and was followed up with a crowdfunded movie in 2014. She’s the daughter of a police detective who has inherited her father’s curious nature, and when her best friend is murdered, starts investigating the crime. Along the way she is drawn into other mysteries, and throughout the course of the show she investigates several murders along with other crimes. The show’s gritty outlook and Veronica’s sass made it a hit, and the crowdfunding campaign to produce a movie years after the show ended achieved its goal in less than twelve hours.

We took the vote to Twitter, and we’ll admit that we had no idea which way this one would go. iZombie is hot right now, but Veronica Mars has achieved cult status.

By the end of the poll, 681 people had spoken: Liv Moore from iZombie was the queen detective in a fairly crushing victory. While the poll was running we encouraged fans to join in and have their say by using the hashtag #FoF. Despite the way that the vote went, support for Veronica was strong, and it’s clear that she retains a loyal following.

Former (and dearly missed!) Bomb Squad member JazParks chimed in with her support for Veronica (and a killer GIF):

Thierry makes it all about zombies versus marshmallows (the nickname for the Veronica Mars fanbase). Marshmallows win, and I don’t blame him. Putting it that way makes it an easy choice!

Whereas Mark thinks that Liv’s abilities are cheating!

But there’s no denying that Liv is hot right now:

The fans have spoken, and when our Bomb Squad voted, Liv also reigned supreme.

Liv Moore (7): Maude, Shona, Mickey, Zhiana, Julia, Matt, Neek

Veronica Mars (5): Ceilidh, Ryan, AJ, Justine, Alana

We run Fight of Fandoms every Friday (and into the weekend) over on our Twitter page. Make sure you check it out, cast your vote, and have your say with the #FoF hashtag. We also love hearing your suggestions for what the next match up should be, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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