Doctor Who is back on our screens! Season 10 of the modern era premiered over Easter weekend, marking the beginning of the end of Peter Capaldi’s turn as the Doctor. We decided to celebrate the Doctor’s return with a Whovian-themed Fight of Fandoms, and asked fans on Twitter to vote for their favorite Doctor Who villain. We matched up two of the best: The Master versus Davros.

Dalek-table Davros

In any conversation about Doctor Who enemies, it wouldn’t take long before the Daleks are brought up. They’re the genetically engineered aliens hellbent on exterminating all other life forms, who live inside robotic bodies resembling giant salt and pepper shakers. They brought the Time Lords to their knees, all but wiping them out, and have continued to plague the Doctor throughout space and time. You think they’re bad? Davros is the dude who created them.

The Master of the Universe

The Daleks may be the most iconic Doctor Who enemies, but the Doctor’s true nemesis is the Master, a fellow Time Lord who was once his childhood friend. The Master is perhaps smarter than the Doctor, but became insane and had a craving for power. This led to him becoming jealous of the Doctor, viewing him as a rival, and ultimately trying to kill him.

A Masterfully-wrought Victory

We put the two villains head to head in a Twitter poll and asked fans to vote for their favorite. Davros was pretty quickly exterminated, losing with 19% of the vote to the Master’s 81%.

We always encourage fans to have their say along with their vote, and poor old Davros did not receive any Tweets of support. The closest was this one from Orvus:

Meanwhile, fans clearly enjoy the ways that the Master counters the Doctor.

The Bomb Squad had similar thoughts to the community; we only had time for one villainous lord. Here’s who voted for whom:

Davros: Neek, Ryan

The Master: Julia, Zhiana, Justine, Mickey, Shona, Alana, Maude, AJ, Ceilidh

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