After a whole month of Buffy Fight of Fandoms roungs, we had to close it out with a Slayer vs. Slayer battle royale. Though, admittedly, it isn’t much of a fight. It’s Buffy’s show, after all.

Buffy and Faith are two sides of the same coin, the bristly dark-haired Faith is Buffy’s foil. The two Slayers share a special bond, a bond that does not prevent them from having the occasional brawl but does make them an efficient slaying team. We took the brawl to Twitter this weekend but before we cover the results lets learn a little more about the contenders.

Faith Lehane (Eliza Dushku) was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and though not much is known about her childhood it is clear that it was not all sunshine and lemonade. She is loaded with trust issues and is emotionally disconnected. Faith is called after Kendra Young is killed by Drusilla at the end of the second season. Finally finding some stability with her Watcher, Faith acclimates to her new life with relative ease but because this is a Joss Whedon show that can’t remain the same. A vampire named Kakistos kills Faith’s Watcher and Faith heads to Sunnydale where she meets Buffy and the Scoobies. Unfortunately for, well everyone, Faith doesn’t adjust to being the rough-around-the-edges alternate Slayer, she craves more and she finds solace in her relationship with Mayor Richard Wilkins. After she accidentally murders an innocent man, Wilkins takes Faith under his evil wing and starts to mold the vulnerable Slayer into a reckless killing machine. Faith goes into a coma after a particularly desperate battle with Buffy and when she wakes up eight months later she is understandably pissed off. Faith’s many appearances on both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are emotionally fraught and give the viewer a look at Faith’s crumbling psyche. She eventually voluntarily enters prison in an attempt to atone for her sins. Sure she later breaks out of that prison but the fact that she remained there as long as she did, and only broke out when her Slayer strength was required to avert a disaster speaks volumes about Faith’s growth. She spends the final season of Buffy helping the Scoobies face off against The First. Faith is volatile and rash but she wants to be better. She might not be a shining example of humanity but she’s a fascinating character to say the least.

Buffy Anne Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was raised in Los Angeles, California but moved to Sunnydale with her mother Joyce when she is sixteen years old. She did not have an ideal childhood but it wasn’t as dark as Faith’s. Before her parents divorced, they had Buffy briefly institutionalised shortly after she gained her Slayer powers. Buffy attends Sunnydale High where she meets her core group of friends and allies including her new Watcher, Rupert Giles. Buffy is one of the longest living Slayers and has a reputation as an unconventional but deadly Slayer. Buffy has an emotional journey through the seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; she dies twice, has to kill her lover, acquires a younger sister that is actually a mystic ball of energy and her mother dies suddenly from an aneurysm. By the seventh season, Buffy has died twice and been through literal hell but is still able to lead a small army of potential Slayers, with the help of her Scoobies of course. There are cracks on Buffy’s protective shell, cracks caused by crumbling relationships and self-doubt but she rarely truly breaks down. Her anger can get the best of her but unlike Faith, Buffy is able to control herself and make smart decisions when the heat is on. She may appear to be an empty-headed cheerleader in the beginning but Buffy truly is a self-possessed badass. She subverted expectations on more than one occasion and changed the world when she used Willow’s magic to share the Slayer power with all the Potentials around the world.

As usual, there were many vocal supporters for the underdog.


However, Buffy cannot be slain, and her supporters were there to remind us of her feats.



The Squad’s votes mostly lined up with the general population’s opinion on this one.

Faith: Ceilidh, AJ, Mickey, Kaz and Alana.

Buffy: Shona, Maude, Matt, Julia, Justine, Ryan, Zhiana and Neek.

I am neither surprised nor disappointed by the results, even though my girl Faith lost in an epic fashion. Buffy took the poll with 74% of the 178 votes.

OK Scoobies, we have wrapped up our month-long Buffy Fight of Fandoms extravaganza, and I just want to thank you nerds for sticking it out and indulging the die-hard Buffy fan in me. Fight of Fandoms will be back next week with a brand new match-up, so stay tuned!

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