For the first three of our five Buffy-themed Fight of Fandoms, we decided to pit some of the biggest baddies against one another, so we picked Angelus to go up against Adam for a number of reasons. Neither were the obvious antagonist until later on in the seasons they appeared, and they both utilized different forms of psychological warfare on the Slayer. Angelus through his own torturous actions, and Adam with Spike’s help. While many felt this was not a competition at all, I urge those who said Adam wasn’t frightening to examine how they might feel if they stumbled across Adam in a dark alley.


Adam was the big bad in season four, and was closely tied in with the mysterious Initiative. Adam was created by Dr. Maggie Walsh and his classification is biomechanical demonoid, as he has human and demon parts as well as a uranium power core source that could potentially allow him to never die. He also has a collapsible mini-gun and the skewer from a Polgara demon housed in his arms. Adam is a clear allusion to Frankenstein’s monster, like the monster Adam is constantly seeking to discover who he is why he was created. His first conscious act was to kill his creator, and when he gets free in Sunnydale, he finds and mutilates a young boy he comes across because he is curious about human anatomy. Charismatic with a taste for chaos, Adam is able to rile up the local demon population with ease and earn himself an army of demonic minions. In a world where magic rules, Adam was a scientific nightmare/masterpiece that threw the Slayer’s world briefly into madness. The Scoobies had to cast a spell that temporarily bound them all together to defeat him; their combined power made it possible for Buffy to punch through Adam’s chest and remove his power core.

Angelus is one of the more notable baddies that have strolled through Sunnydale. Once a brutal killer, he was cursed with a soul that made him feel the shame and remorse from his years of killing, which resulted in him becoming Angel, the “good guy” vampire that Buffy fell in love with. Unfortunately for Buff and Angel, all it takes to revert our champion back into his devilish side is one moment of true happiness, which is a heck of a euphemism for getting one’s rocks off. In a moment of weakness, Buffy and Angel succumb to their desires and Angelus is released, so to speak. Angelus is a very old and powerful vampire with an overwhelming desire to torture; he often draws out the psychological torture for an extended period of time before essentially forcing his chosen victim to beg for death. Angelus joins up with his former “friends” Spike and Drusilla and plots with them to destroy the world. In the end, Buffy has to kill a freshly re-souled Angel to close the portal to hell that he opened as Angelus. The loss was so devastating to the Slayer that she ran away from her home and responsibilities for several months to try to cope. Angel did come back eventually and he and Buffy rekindled their romance before he broke it off and took off to Los Angeles to start his own investigation firm.

This one was pretty cut and dry for most people, as Angelus’s effect on Buffy and her friends was felt for some time.


But Adam did have one very vocal supporter:


There was no shock in either the final results or the Squad’s votes. Angelus took 81% of the 384 votes.

Angelus: Alana, Brad, Kaz, Maude, AJ, Matt, Julia, Justine, Mickey, Shona, Maddie, Ceilidh and Neek.

Adam: Nobody but I was torn on this one, Adam almost had my vote.

Don’t forget to tune into next week’s masterful matchup!

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