With E3 in full swing, there’s a lot to look forward to from all the conferences that will be taking place — like seeing more of Battlefront 2 during EA’s conference or taking a deeper look into The Last of Us: Part 2 which we most definitely will be seeing during their conference.

For me personally, with Xbox being my go-to console ever since the original, it comes as no surprise that I’m mostly excited to finally see Xbox Scorpio get revealed at this year’s E3. There’s been a lot of anticipation around this console, especially as it’s being dubbed as the most powerful console ever. With this new system offering so much fire power, it’s understandable that a lot of people are extremely excited to see how exactly it will perform. With its performance being in such high anticipation, I think that it would be great to finally the kind of effects it will have on already released titles such as Forza Horizon or Halo 5: Guardians.

When it comes to games, there are a lot of already announced titles that I can’t wait to see, but I’m predicting that the most exciting stuff there will be the new exclusives that Microsoft will announce especially alongside the Scorpio’s reveal. We’ve seen the unfortunate cancellation of Scalebound, which really minimised the exclusives that Microsoft had. That said, I believe this year will be the year that Microsoft announces a good range of exclusives that will look particularly amazing on the Scorpio, and that the company will break away from only having Gears, Halo and Forza as its leading triple-A titles.

There isn’t much in terms of rumours for any particular new exclusive that may be coming out of E3 this year, so all we can do is speculate and make bets on what we will actually see. We will most likely be seeing more from Sea of Thieves this year. After its announcement at E3 2016, this game has been floating about for a while. There have been a few beta tests run to suss out the online multiplayer for the game, so it’s likely that we will see Sea of Thieves make a return at this year’s E3 to showcase what it now has to offer, especially on the Scorpio.

Drifting away from the Scorpio and any games that will be optimised for it, let’s take look at Microsoft’s flagship franchise, Halo. The studio has already confirmed that we won’t be seeing another Halo title be released in 2017, but nothing has been explicitly ruled out in terms of seeing any teasers for future Halo games. A lot of rumours have been swimming stating that we will be getting Halo 3: Anniversary. This wouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as we’ve already seen Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 get anniversary editions made.

Next to that, there is also the speculation that we will see a teaser trailer for Halo 6, which is expected to be released in 2018 based on the kind of release schedule that they’ve had for past Halo titles. With me being a huge Halo fan, I would definitely love to see something, anything that is Halo-related show up at E3. In fact, I’ve been speculating that a completely new Halo spinoff, similar to Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach, will be revealed. 

Other than Halo, another franchise which has been really shining for Microsoft is Forza. The Forza Horizon series has been particularly successful for the company. With how visually stunning that game is, I highly anticipate that when Microsoft is showcasing the power of the Scorpio, we will most definitely be seeing a Forza game at play to really emphasise its power. It could be either another Forza Horizon game — which I personally hope it is, as they are absolutely fantastic — or a complete new Forza title entering the series. Either way, I bet my whole salary that we will be something Forza-related during the Microsoft conference.

The last thing I believe we’ll be seeing at E3 2017 is the HoloLens. Even though in the last year we’ve heard that Microsoft has switched from having this AR headset being gaming-focused to more science/engineering-focused, there have been many home users with the developer headset that have been using it for gaming with the Xbox One. I believe that AR is the future of gaming, so I fully expect that we’ll be seeing another form of showcase with the HoloLens in conjunction with one of their exclusive titles. We saw how HoloLens would work with a simple game like Minecraft, so it has a huge potential to be absolutely amazing for some triple-A titles such as Gears or maybe even Sea of Thieves. This is one of the more unlikely things to be making an appearance during Microsoft’s conference, but one can only hope that with the Scorpio making its debut, we’ll be seeing the HoloLens as well to combat the PS VR.

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