Time to die… again.

Hold onto your hats, video game memorabilia collectors, because this news may excite you. Coming hot off the announcement of a Dark Souls Remastered edition for the Nintendo Switch is the reveal of a Dark Souls Trilogy box set for the PlayStation 4 (via the Japanese Dark Souls Website).

The incredibly sweet collector’s edition set will include Dark Souls Remastered, Dark Souls 2: Sins of the Scholars edition, and the most recent title in the trilogy, Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition. Joining these notoriously brutal games in the box set is the entire  DLC for all three games, the complete original soundtracks for each game, ten art prints accompanied by a frame, and a set of bookends–one modelled after the undead knight that features predominantly in the game’s marketing, and the other modelled like the game’s infamous bonfires.

If this editon sounds like something you’d love to have sitting on your shelf, there’s a slight catch: the Dark Souls Trilogy box set at the time of writing is only available in Japan and has not been slated a Western release. It’s also not cheap either, costing 49,800 Yen in Japan, equating to around 450 U.S. dollars. If you’re willing to spend big for the set, you’ll be able to try and purchase it come its release date on May 24, the same date Dark Souls Remastered launches on the Switch.

If you want to show your love for Dark Souls without totally breaking the bank, however, it seems that an official line of Dark Souls merchandise will launch later this year thanks to a team up between Bandai Namco and Fangamer. None of the merchandise lineup has been revealed at this time, but Fangamer have stated it will include “Figurine, apparel and more.” If the figurine sparks you’re interest, you can luckily check out a silhouette of the figurine in gif form (courtesy of FanGamer) below.

It was certainly a good day to be a Dark Souls fan.

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